Tuesday, September 29, 2009

For Sale

I just finished two half aprons. They are absolutely adorable and will be for sale soon at Towns End. They both come with a matching mitt (optional, of course). I am selling half aprons for $15 and the half apron plus mitt for $18. Considering that it takes almost a full yard of material to make these (and the material retails at $8.80 a yard) and that I used 1.5 yards of lace trim ($1.75 a yard) fifteen dollars isn't a lot. Think of all the time you will save by buying one for a present for someone. :)

It's even cuter in person!!
The ruffle took forever to get right on this one. But it looks amazing now. And yes, those are sheep and chickens on the apron.

I love the way it fits!!!!
Jared and I went to visit the Howards, Katie Hall, and Michelle this weekend. If you aren't busy next weekend I would suggest going to see Katie as Beth in Little Women the Musical. I was quite impressed. It was excellent and very entertaining. Jared was singing in this picture and I was trying to get him with his mouth fully open, but I failed every time. This is the best I took.
And here is a sneak peak at my newest little kids quilt. I am going to hand quilt this while Jared reads to me. It will also be for sale soon.
Yesterday, around noon, I was working in the kitchen when the doorbell rang. I walked to the doorway and a workman from the neighbors house was standing there. He told me that one of our power lines had just fallen down. There on the ground lay the power line, right behind my car in the driveway. Since it was a live line I couldn't go in my car to get my lab reports that I had left in there or drive the car to teach my lab. I thanked him and went back inside and called Jared.

Then I spent the next half hour trying to convince the power company that I knew what I was talking about and it wasn't just a phone line. When the power company didn't show up I called the fire department and they came and barracked the end of my streets until the power company showed up around 1:30. They turned off the power, cut down the old wire that was still hanging from my dogwood and laying across the driveway, and let me back out my car just in time for my lab.

Meanwhile during all this I received two phone calls from people about coming in to talk to them about jobs. :) Thankfully, I had my phone with me (which I normally don't have on a weekday) and I was able to make rational conversation. I now have interviews on Tuesday at 4pm and Wednesday at 9am. If you think about it during those times, feel free to pray for me. Thanks!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

I have a dreadful fear of the phone. I have to work myself up to calling people (even though I enjoy talking to them). Usually when I am calling about a job I sit by the phone and stare at it for half an hour. I punch the number in and I clear it. I punch it in again and I clear it again. I walk around the room. I stare at my phone again. Once I finally call I usually have to either leave a voicemail or leave a message with a secretary which means that I have to wait for a phone call. This makes the situation even worse! sigh. It makes me want to turn off my phone and make them leave me a message. blah.

In other happy news, I started a new project and I finished my table runner, but I failed to take a picture of that for you. ha. This is going to be a kids blanket. I thought the kit was cute and so I bought it at the Dusty Attic.

Chocolate cake I made for Peter and Emily Render, but there was extra batter so I made one for Jared and Matt last night too.

I need more room in my freezer. ha.
And in my cupboards.
Lastly, a picture of my counter and my plant that Mrs. Huntington gave me. Isn't it so pretty?!? Oh and the watermelon that decided to burst all over the counter. ha. Jared and I came home Monday night and there was water all over the counter and we were so confused where it had come from. Finally we realize the watermelon was leaking. Weird.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

A few photos from my week...

My first purse/bag. I learned a lot about what not to do while making this bag (which now needs a good home... any takers?). Hopefully the next one is much better.

Today I received an email from a sewing shop in Salisbury at 1:30 and they closed at 3. The email said they were having a 75 percent off sale if you bought the rest of the bolt. I spend 70 (retail would have been 9 dollars a yard or $280) dollars on 31.5 yards of fabric or 94.5 FEET of fabric. YES!! And the best part of it all is that besides the dark green (which is going to be the backing for a quilt I am making) the rest is MODA!! I am in love. I walk around the house with my bolts of fabric and hug them. :)

I am so happy!
11 yards of blue
9 yards of yellow
8.5 yards of the dark green
3 yards of light green
Recently I have been trying to make a light and fluffy muffin. This is my second attempt. They were good, but not quite fluffy enough.
This is an update on the table runner. It is quilted now. I am working on the binding. That is my favorite part. Jared hasn't been around to read to me so I haven't sewn in on yet.
My first attempt at muffins. Again, they were really really good, but not fluffy. These tasted like little apple cakes, but they were totally healthy (oatmeal, applesauce instead of oil, flax...).
My desk in my office at SU has my name on it... weird.
Last Saturday I went to see the praise team play at the gospel shop. When it started raining we all went under the overhanging with the band (all of us but Mr. Badger).
A shot of them before it started raining.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Prayer time and Sunday nights

There are many things my wonderful church offers that I missed out on for three years while I was at college. When I returned from college I noticed that quite a few other people are missing out on these "means of grace". I encourage you all to avail yourselves (to take advantage) of the means of grace and attend one (or more or all) of these events.

1. Prayer time at 8:45am on Sunday mornings. I cannot say enough about this. I don't like praying out loud (ask Jared), but I don't mind this. We pray through Psalms. You simply read a verse and pray about something the verse mentioned or really anything that is on your heart or you can simply say "pass" and let the verse speak for itself. We meet in the last room on the right at the end of the hallway. It would be a HUGE encouragement to the same old people that come every week to see a new face!!!! They would be so surprised and happy to see new people. I beg of you to come and pray before church with us. As Pastor Shelton always quotes, "when we work we just get would man can do, when we pray we get what God can do." Please come! Prayer is essential.

2. Sunday night church. It is only an hour long and it just teaches me so much. It is my favorite part of Sundays.

3. Sunday School. Find one that fits you. I agree that all of the Sunday School classes (and/or teachers) don't interest me each quarter, but I can always find one that I am interested in. I learn a lot just from hearing other people in the classes talk about what they are learning. Also, I would like to request that Mr. Howard teach a Sunday School class again (at least think about it). I have been talking to people and we think you would be great at teaching a sermon discussion class. Everyone loved the last class you taught. :)

4. Women's Retreat - This year's theme is Joy in Christ Alone and the speaker is Andree Sue (writer for World Magazine). I totally understand if you want to only come for Saturday and not Friday night. I only came on Saturday last year. I just like the women's retreat because I have a chance to talk to people in depth instead of ten seconds as I pass them in the hallway at church. Also, the silent auction has some great items and most women in our church are too nice to outbid you... so you can get some really nice stuff for pretty cheap. :)

That is all for now. Please pray about attending one or more of them. They are just so great; I can't say enough about them. And it would be encouraging to your session, your pastor, and the other members of your church to see you show up to one of these events. THANKS!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Last night I made chicken noodle soup and cloverleaf rolls. I really enjoy making homemade bread and rolls. It is a lot of fun as long as I remember to save enough time to let them rise. :) I also used my "cooking for two" cookbook that my parents gave me for Christmas and found a recipe for individual peach cobblers. I made them. They were so cute and quite delicious.

Oh, and I started a second part time job this week. The Dusty Attic (a fabric shop in Fruitland) hired me to work one day a week. I get to work with Mrs. Shelton sometimes!!

After seven hours of sewing and cutting my new table runner is ready to quilt. YAY!! It is all fun stuff left now. Quilting and binding are my two favorite parts. :) Woohoo.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

3.5 hours of work so far...

Mrs. Bailey asked me to make her this table runner. It is turning out quite nicely (I think). But I have a question for my blog readers... should I include the plaid yellow and blue?

I am not a huge fan of the fabric, but it came in the charm pack. I am not sure if they add something or if they are just not working. I need to stare at it for a little longer, but if you have any opinions let me know. :) Click here for a bigger picture to see the plaid closer.

Ignore the order of the blocks on the top picture. I messed up and had to seam rip the last square and re-sew it. ha. Thankfully, I noticed before I sewed anymore of the blocks on. I love how at each step it looks a little more finished.

Oh, and lastly, take pictures in the daylight. They look so much better and more like real life. Indoor lighting is a sorry excuse for the sun. Bleh. I love nature light. It makes me happy.

Monday, September 07, 2009

more projects

Table runner that I am making for Mrs. Bailey. I love the blue. It looks green in this picture. Bleh lighting.

Christmas apron!!!

Pencil case for Sarah.

Finished table runner.
I am making a quilt for our bed. Mrs. Shelton gave me two gallon bags of scraps and this is what I have so far. I have actually cut the long strips into 8x8 squares, but didn't take a picture of that step.

First I set out 9 sets of six strips in the order that I wanted them to go. Then I set out all the little strips into how I wanted the boarder to look like.

Jared is sweet to let me use the room as my brainstorming sessions.

A close up of the fabrics.

The last few are the long strips sewn together and waiting to be cut into squares.

...To be continued...

Friday, September 04, 2009

Canning Applesauce

This year I am going to can applesauce (because my freezer is full, I love homemade applesauce, and I have always wanted to can things). I found the cheapest Ball Jars are at Ace Hardware store and most of my grocery money next week will be going towards buying glass jars that I will be able to use over and over again. Don't buy them at Walmart (they are the most expensive). I will post pictures when I start. I am waiting for apple seconds to be ready at T.S. Smith in Bridgeville. That is the best place to buy apples. They are so delicious!! AND I have an apple pealer (two of them actually) thanks to both my mothers; Thanks Mom and Mama Cindy. :)

Oh, and someday I hope to have a pantry that looks like this.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Today I painted the shed doors as a surprise for Jared. I want to see how long it takes for him to notice. He has been saying he wanted to paint them since we were married, but since starting his second job he hasn't had any extra time. Since today was a such a beautiful day I decided to spend an hour or so of it outside painting. It was lovely.

Also, Michelle is coming this weekend!!! And so I need to now go clean the house. :) YAY, Michelle. I am just as exciting as I was the week of my wedding to have her come and visit. Isn't it funny how things remind you of other things? I like that. God is good.