Tuesday, August 18, 2009

First, last night Mom and Dad came for dinner (so other than Matt Robins coming over to eat chili) they are our first real dinner guests. Yay! If I was thinking I would have taken pictues, but I wasn't. We had fun hosting people. Hopefully that will be the first of many people in our house. I love having people over.

Project number 4
is finished. It is another apron. I have actually started project number 5 (another apron) and will probably finish it today. I cut all the material out, which I think is the hardest part. Pictures of that later (if it turns out).

Isn't it fun fabric? I found it at Hancock's for $3 a yard. That means this apron cost me about $4 to make. :) I should have bought more of it, if I was thinking at the time. But it was three days before my wedding when I went shopping. heh.

The top cut out and being ironed.

The skirt finished two nights ago. I am wearing Jared's pajama bottoms because 1. we wear the same pant size (and shoe size actually) and 2. my pajamas are under the bed in a box and it is a hassle to pull them out and 3. I was cold and wanted pants right then and his were just laying there right by the bed (he was upstairs working on Christian Education stuff and because it is warmer upstairs than downstairs he had the AC on lower than normal so I was downstairs freezing in my shorts).

Finished project number 4. I think it is super cute!! And I am out of white ric-rac. So sad. No more finished projects until I buy some more.

Finished project number one. Also cute.

My problem is I am falling in love with all my projects and don't want to give them away. I am going to to be fifty and have 300 aprons hanging around my house because I love them all too much. ha.

And this is project number 2 again. Note how it looks different than before. I love making these. It is a table runner (or will be). I have to buy fabric to make boarders around it and get some backing for it. I am using some graduation money for that. So if any of you sent me money for graduation (even though I didn't send out announcements this year), thank you again for being so sweet and I am using your money on me and not just the house and bills. :) YAY!!


Sarah H. said...

I like project no. 4.

faith said...

It is Jared's favorite.

faith said...

Keep me updated on your favorite because it could be a birthday or Christmas present. :)

Sue said...

We had a great time last night--thanks! And I love all the aprons; they are so cute. Having seen them in person, I think the computer does not do them justice. At least ours doesn't. The colors are much more vibrant in all the projects in real life! Great job!

Sue said...

I think I like number 4 best, too...

riverrat said...

How 'bout an apron side business?