Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Our weekend:

Friday night:
Spending people's money at Target, Macys, and Pier one. I found a dutch over in Carolina baby blue at Macys on the clearance table (normally $100) for only $23.50. Sweet. At Pier One we visited Hannah and bought my polka dotted dessert plates, some candles, little fruit bowls, and candle holders. Finally, at Target we bought two bookshelves and a soap dish for the bathroom. It is a tree that has a money in a hamock hanging under it (Jared picked it out). ha.

While Jared was at a CE meeting I filled all the tack holes (in his old sunday school room) with mud so we can paint over them. 9:30 - noon
The Schrodts invites us to go sailing with them at Cedar Hill on the Nanticoke River. 1 - 6
My parents were homesitting in Tyaskin and invited us to dinner. 6 - 9

Tonight we are babysitting the baby Sheltons.

Last night we had Mexican Crockpot chicken, beans, corn, and salsa. So easy. So wonderful. throw it all in the crockpot in the morning and it is finished by dinner. Put a little sour cream and cheese on the top and dip chips into it or eat it on a wrap. Yum. Tonight we are going to have barbqued chicken legs, mashed potatoes (so I can use my old fashion 1960s potato masher that Mrs. Shelton gave us), and mixed veggies or green beans. Not sure yet. So much fun. I love food. I love cooking.

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Rae said...

ah come visit me in pier one too!!! please!!!!