Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I received a present that Jared opened yesterday. I was cutting up vegetables in the kitchen and he came in and said, "if I promise to write three thank you notes may I open one more gift?" So I said yes. And he brought in this package that looked like a framed picture. I wasn't really paying attention because I didn't care that much about presents at that moment. I was trying out new kitchen stuff!! Jared couldn't figure out the card and so he came over and showed it to me. I couldn't figure it out either... maybe you can.

So we decided that maybe the present itself would hold some clues... So we opened the UGLY gold wrapping paper and it was a old bulletin board attached to a large think wrapped in a big white sheet. I still wasn't really paying attention and was sitting over at the counter thinking, "that is weird... I hope it is something that we will actually like...".

And than Jared opened it and showed it to me and I wanted to cry... This is a bad picture of the painting. But it is a huge canvas of Corduroy that my sister painted. Isn't it beautiful? I will try to get a better picture of it later once I hang it up in the living room. Sarah, you are amazing and I am so honored to receive one of your paintings!! Thank you so much!


riverrat said...

What a special gift from a special someone! I know you will both treasure for ever.(Must be her "artist signature:-)

anna grace said...

She asked me take a picture of it before she gave it to you. So, if you need one-- I have one w/ her in it.