Thursday, June 25, 2009

45 months...

It is hard to believe that Jared asked me out 45 months ago. It doesn't seem like it has been that long and yet, I feel like I have know Jared forever. Thanks for all your love and support of us over the past four years! It is going to be so much fun moving into a new stage of life with my best friend. :)

Here is to many more great memories!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Totally love this. I have to make these sometimes. The blog I found them on has directions on how to make them. Check it out. They seem pretty easy. :)

Some of the many things I have done this summer so far:

- celebrated my birthday yesterday with the Maddox Family
- dress finished (thanks Mama Cindy)
- 40 pounds of blueberries picked so far
- 10 pounds of blueberries frozen
- had my hairs cut (Thanks Mrs. T)
- flowers bought and picked out
- wedding cermony planned
- photos picked out
- organized Jared's kitchen
- painted shelves for our house
- took my schoolbooks to Jared's house
- started planning decorating for the backyard
- had my teeth cleaned
- I received my diploma in the mail with my birthday cards!!
- started sewing an apron
- painted the whole upstairs and stairs (first coat only)
- packed all my craft supplies
- kept up with all the thank you cards
- watched Father of the Bride for the first time with Jared
- and I have sort of helped in the yard and cooked a few times
- and tons of other things

I thought I was going to have tons of time this summer... HA.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

I picked sour cherries off our cherry tree today, pitted them with our awesome old cherry pitter, and made a cherry pie!! It turned out really well. It almost looks fake.
I received an email today that said, "GradImages is proud to be your school's official event photographer. We understand how excited you and your family must be on your recent accomplishment. Click on the button below to view and order all your photos from the ceremony."

So I clicked below on the link to their website (which I am not including so that no one can order this for me). And there was only one photo on the website under my name...

Take it all in. Stare at the beauty of this glorious photo. How did anyone ever think I would want to order a copy of this?!? Scroll back up and look at it again. Isn't it wonderful?!? Wow, that is scary. ha ha ha. This is possibly the worst photo of myself that I have ever seen.
It has been a week since surgery and I am allowed to go to the gym now!! YAY! I am also only putting one drop in my eyes instead of five different ones (and that one ends on Friday). I also find out Friday how good my vision is. It was 20/20 in the right eye last week and he said it would only inprove as time goes on... So we shall see. It was pretty exciting being able to see lines of text that I couldn't normally have seen before. I have tried to take off my glasses at least five times in the past week (and they haven't been there...).

I tried on my dress yesterday and I am having the bottom hemmed up about an inch or inch and a half. It is going to look awesome. I am glad to check having the dress fixed off my list. Now that is finished. Thankfully, the rest of the dress fits wonderfully; I am just a bit too short for it.

I made dinner last night (chicken poppy seed casserole) and I am making dinner tonight (probably pancakes, or waffles, or swedish pancakes... something breakfasty). I love to cook. I look forward to using my own dishes and cooking in my own kitchen. What fun.

I miss Sarah. She is housesitting and it isn't the same without her especially since she lives next door to my room. It is quiet and lonely without her there.

I finished my four books for May, but I have them written down in my journal and I don't have my journal with me at the computer right now.

I can't decide what flowers I want my bridesmaids to carry. I don't really care and yet I do care. That is the problem I am facing right now. Today I am going to figure that out and finish my resume and start filling out job applications.

Pretty dull. I know.

Monday, June 01, 2009

They are finished!!! 44 thank you notes are finished. I put the last 22 in the mailbox this morning. Thank you all for you wonderful presents. I feel so loved. I really enjoy writing thank you notes. I am looking forward to getting to write more after my wedding, especially because I will be able to sign my name, "Faith Shelton" (I should probably start practicing that) and write my new address as the return address!! What fun.

P.S. The below photo is for Joe Howard to show how he has changed me from using one boring stamp to many fun stamps. I'm lazy though and only decorated a few of my envelopes. Ha.

Welcome June!! 20 days until my birthday and 40 days until I marry Jared.
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- Faith