Saturday, April 25, 2009

My final paper is off to Jared for proof reading. It will be bound and on my professors desk by Monday evening, Lord willing and the creek don't rise. :) YES!! I am off to go start my next paper and write some answers to my homework questions.

(because I would care about things like this... numbers are cool!!)
* 61 pages (not including the references, table of content, executive summary, title pages, etc)
* 209 paragraphs
* 1013 lines
* 10057 words
* 50304 characters (which means my average word length is more than 5 letters long)
* created January 13th
* first draft finished April 25th

To finish before graduation (countdown):
* three sets of homework
* one final to take
* a ten page single-spaced paper (6000 words)
* two powerpoint presentations
* two different labs to grade (48 labs in total)
* fifteen classes, 1125 minutes of class (18 hours and 45 minutes)
* one final to proctor
* one final to grade

27 days until graduation!
32 to perfect vision!!
77 days (11 weeks) until marriage!!!!!!

And happy 43rd month anniversary, Jared!! It has been a wonderful 43 months. I love you, dearly!

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riverrat said...

I could care less about the numbers but I DO like that little Mississippi saying at the beginning"...and the creek don't rise":-)
I like the Michelle Post-Girlfriend time is good!Changes a little when you're busy being married but it's still vital!