Thursday, April 30, 2009

I am doing something today that I have never done before... I am willingly skipping my afternoon class * ... And not just any class, I am skipping the class the my adviser teaches and there are only 12 of us in the class. He is bound to notice I am missing. I hope I graduate. heh.

I was honestly planning on spending the weekend at 9501 because I have a ton of work to do before graduation, but I was talking to Jared earlier this week and he sounded like he was having a really rough week. I thought it would get better, but when I talked to him yesterday he sounded really discouraged. So I called him at lunchtime yesterday and asked him if he would like to have dinner with me tonight and see me this weekend. And of course he said, "yes". I figured you have to skip class at least once in your life, right? :) And cheering Jared up is worth the downgrade from an A to a B any day.

* I have unwillingly skipped a Friday of classes for my cousins wedding three years ago. I also have skipped one Friday lab for the women's retreat, but I okayed it with the professor and he said we weren't doing anything in class other than going over homework problems. I don't count either of those as skipping class.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

For the many of you that have asked to see Jared's house I post this picture.
I was telling him that I love pink dogwoods and I wished that we could have one someday. So he sent me a picture and said, "like this one?" Apparently Jared has had a pink dogwood in his yard since he moved in last May and I never noticed (in my defense I have only been over there four times and the tree wouldn't have had its flowers in bloom when I went).

So here is a picture of my adorable house-to-be!! And my lovely pink dogwood-to-be. So exciting. I can't wait to be able to wake up and look out my front window at this beautiful tree. Love love love. Isn't Jared's house adorable?!? I adore it. And he has planted a whole bunch of bushes and plants recently too so the front looks even better. :) Oh, and note the white handrail... I painted that with Anna's help.

I love Jared.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

New favorite Britain's Got Talent act: Diversity

Classic Chariots of Fire. I love that song. wow. I love it. And the lead dancer is a physics major... so that is pretty much awesome!! And that little kid is adorable!! Oh, and the two guys backstage are hilarious at 3:13. I can't wait to see how they top this.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

My final paper is off to Jared for proof reading. It will be bound and on my professors desk by Monday evening, Lord willing and the creek don't rise. :) YES!! I am off to go start my next paper and write some answers to my homework questions.

(because I would care about things like this... numbers are cool!!)
* 61 pages (not including the references, table of content, executive summary, title pages, etc)
* 209 paragraphs
* 1013 lines
* 10057 words
* 50304 characters (which means my average word length is more than 5 letters long)
* created January 13th
* first draft finished April 25th

To finish before graduation (countdown):
* three sets of homework
* one final to take
* a ten page single-spaced paper (6000 words)
* two powerpoint presentations
* two different labs to grade (48 labs in total)
* fifteen classes, 1125 minutes of class (18 hours and 45 minutes)
* one final to proctor
* one final to grade

27 days until graduation!
32 to perfect vision!!
77 days (11 weeks) until marriage!!!!!!

And happy 43rd month anniversary, Jared!! It has been a wonderful 43 months. I love you, dearly!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Check out this new blog.
Tonight I am going up to Odenton to see Michelle and eat pizza and watch movies... Last time I saw her was at my wedding shower back in March. I am so excited to get to see her again!!

Back in October of 2007 Michelle and I started watching Christian Bale movies. I am not really sure why, but now it is just the thing to do. We planned our first CBAD (Christian Bale appreciation day) while stuck in the back of a crowded SUV on the way up to an Orioles baseball game and while eating uncooked chicken fingers (GROSS) at the game. Michelle claims that these two events bonded our lives together. We hadn't really ever done anything together before that day. It was then that we realized that we both like green pepper and onion pizza and that our families never ordered that combination. So we decided that the main food of CBADs would be Ledos green peppers and onion pizza.

After that first CBAD was started hanging out more and going to the gym and cooking dinner together. Christian Bale movies are hard to come by these days since we have almost watched them all (American Psycho will never be part of any CBAD), but we usually start off by watching one of his movies and then we can watch something else. heh. We've watched some movies that are quite memorable (some good memories and some we would rather forget). It is always fun together with Michelle and take a break and relax. This year it has been a little harder to find time for Michelle because she graduated and live about 40 minutes away, but I think this is our 5th or 6th CBAD of the school year (that isn't too bad).

Oh, and it isn't a CBAD unless we eat an entire large Ledo's pizza for dinner and breakfast the next morning!! Lovely! Ledos is always an adventure as well. Life is great. I am going to miss having Michelle less than an hour away from me to hang out with once I move back to Salisbury, but she knows that my guest bedroom is always open for her. heh. I actually registered for the same quilt that is on her bed for my guest room; so she will feel right at home when she comes to visit. Long live Michelle, CBADs, HSM, and Ledos pizza!! Thankfully, there is a Ledos in Salisbury. :D

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I miss being a part of Jared's life.

In the past two days I have written 7 pages of my research paper for graduation. That brings my total up to 18 pages (or 36 pages once I double space it). Double spacing the paper is one of the most exciting parts. I keep waiting to do it closer to the end so it will be so exciting. Woohoo. Last night I called Jared and, while he was marking up a copy of a new blueprint for a job he is starting soon, I marked up lab reports, highlighted useful sections of journal papers, and wrote a few sentences here and there for my paper. It was just nice to hear his voice every so often while I was working. I look forward to just BEING in the SAME place as he is. That will be so nice. Being apart for three years has been rough. Sigh. I am tired of it.

I look forward to missing Jared and realizing that all I have to do is walk into the next room to see him. I want to hear his wonderful sweet voice singing and whistling around the house. On tiring days full of mundane work I want to be able to see his smile, hear his laugh, and feel his warm hand in mine telling me that everything is going to be okay. I want to be able to eat dinner together instead of listening to each other describe our meals over speakerphone. On rainy days I want to just sit home and accomplish stuff around the house. When he gardens and fixes things around the house I want to be able to stick my head out the back door and tell him I love him. I just want to experience life in the same dimension and place as the person that I love the most!! I miss being a part of his life and I miss him being part of my world.

Being married will be wonderful and no one can convince me otherwise!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

This video is incredible!! This is from Britain's got Talent. I love seeing the crowd's faces before and after she starts to sing. It is priceless. Plus, I love the song.

Click here to watch.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Last Chances to see Delirious...

June 14th - Long Island NY - free

August 6 - 8 - Hershey PA - free

September 4 - Frenchtown, NJ - prices come out in May (it is a festival)

Dad, I am thinking the festival sounds pretty neat. I think it is going to be 30 bucks for the festival, but you will get to see some other bands too. Last years line-up looked pretty awesome. You can see it by clicking HERE. It is better than going to a conference like the first two. Anyhow, think about it and let me know!! I definitely want to see them one more time before they stop touring. :)

Thursday, April 09, 2009

God willing, I am:

* 43 days away from graduation

* 49 days away from perfect vision!!

* 93 days away from being Jared's little wife!

I scheduled my lasik surgery today. Sweet. I am having it done with the guy who did Tiger Wood's eyes. heh. He is really awesome. I met with him today and he is one of the nicest doctors that I have ever had to interact with. So happy! God is good. I'm very excited!

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

North Carolina
Men's Basketball Champions in 2009

* I remember watching the UNC game in 2005 (when they won the national championship). I think I might have watched it with Jared. heh. I know I watched the final four with Linnea (Jared was off singing in some competition where he was telling Hannah that he loved me) and we drank icees and my siblings made fun of me for being excited about mixing three flavors of icee together. heh. Good times!

So maybe big things happen in my life when UNC wins the national championship. Last time Jared asked me out and this time we are going to get married. Maybe be will have our first child the year they win their next championship. :)

They also won in 1982 -- which is the year before Jared was born and my parents were married... You could tie that in there somehow. In 1957 my Dad was born and without my Dad being born there would be no me. So that year is significant. And I really don't know how the year 1993 affected either of us. But UNC won that year too. Maybe I should just limit this analysis to the years that I have cared about UNC basketball. In that case, just read the first two paragraphs and move on.
Go Tar Heels!!