Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Happy gym face!!

After over four years of the same running shoes... I finally bought a new pair today!!! 1. Because they were R'boks which have been the only comfortable running shoe that I have found for my feet and 2. Because they were only 25 bucks at Rugged Warehouse and 3. They were in my size and 4. They are purple and 5. They are official super running shoes or something fancy like that. Anyhow, I love them and can't wait to break them in at the gym tomorrow. My feet are so happy in them.


riverrat said...

'Bout time. Will save your feet in the long run and you won't have to wear those side-tie shoes in taupe that dentists used to wear(you're too young to remember dentists shoes but ask your mom and dad).
Post below: very sweet:-)

(No lie: my word verification is "snative")!

Anonymous said...

Dear Faith,

You should get something on your sidebar like Kyrie has on her blog where it shows how long it's been since everybody updated.

(And I'm going to post this anonymously and you won't know it's me. Ha ha.)