Friday, September 19, 2008

This was my favorite dress. But I couldn't find it anywhere to try on. And the dress I finally picked out is so much cooler than this dress and not really like it at all. ha. When we first went to try on dresses they made me try on dresses with parts of this dress in them. I never liked any of them. Sigh. A few days later my mother was feeling rather depressed and told me that dress shopping would cheer her up. After visiting another store, we went to a store downtown and I started trying on random dresses. The last one I tried on was the one that I didn't ever want to take off. It was so much fun to wear. I brought Sarah and Hayley back later the next week to see it. And TODAY... I finally went and bought it. It will take four months to make, but it is going to be SOOOOOOO awesome. And no, you don't get to see a picture. You will just have to come to my wedding to see it. It is made by my favorite wedding dress designer (or the one that I liked the most of her dresses), Maggie Sottero. What fun!! And I got 10% off the dress today.



I can't wait to try it on... I think I will be driving to see it all the time and trying it on.
It is amazing!


Jeanne said...

My dress was also a Maggie!!! I agree, her dresses are amazing :) Last summer I tried a few Maggies on downtown... such great help at that store!!

So glad you excited!!! maybe I'll be able to see it in person, otherwise, I'll settle on pictures!!

Dasha said...

Awesome!!!! Congratulations! You will look like a princess - the dress will only highlight your beauty. Happy for you :)

riverrat said...

Whew! Sigh of relief(this is what I imagine I hear from your mother:-)

I agree with Dasha-you will be beautiful!

Sue said...

(sigh) :>)

Anna P said...

Woo hoo!