Tuesday, September 23, 2008

News about me:
* I am totally in love with my ring (and Jared). My ring just gets prettier each and every day. I love staring at it in the brightly lit classrooms. It is especially nice when I am seriously bored. I didn't ever think I would like looking at a polished rock so much. heh. I never thought I would like flowers or get married right after college either. I just think Jared picked out the perfect ring for me. I LOVE solitary, round-cut, traditional rings. Man, I love it. :)

News about someone else:
(since I keep getting asked.....)
* Stephanie is having a boy.
* Her due date is January 4, 2009.
* She is feeling better than she has.
* Ben and she are in the process of looking for either a new apartment or a house.

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Sue said...

This makes me smile. love you