Saturday, September 13, 2008

My parents, Dean, and Jared came to visit me today!! People I know (and like) are always such a welcome sight. I get to see Rachel Townsend tomorrow and we are going to see Jars of Clay, Third Day, and Switchfoot. I am really looking forward to seeing Jars of Clay!! Woohoo. Oh, and I get to hear C.J. Mahaney preach tomorrow! I have never had the pleasure of hearing him speak. I love his wife and his books. I just finished Feminine Appeal. I couldn't put it down. My favorite C.J. book so far is the Cross Centered Life. Jared gave it to me for graduation, but I left it at his house. And since I don''t go over to his house very often, I borrowed Dad's copy and have been rereading that one. heh.
So parents, good friends, great music, and wonderful preaching... it looks to be a good weekend.


linnea said...

Oh man, one that Sienna and I went to covenant life we sat in the front row. And after the service C.J. Mahaney came up to us and said "Okay so I have to meet the young visitors who have the guts to sit in the front row!" he talked to us for a minute and then said to go to the book shop and pick up a free book on him. he said to tell 'em C.J. sent us! Feminine Appeal had just come out and he suggested that one. So both Sienna and I picked that one out.

It truly was a great book! And I have kept a few of the things I read there tucked away in my "good advice archive."

have fun!

Sue said...

yesterday was great! hope the concert goes well. well, the video below moved me to tears before church this morning...the end packs one powerful punch! i wish more undecided people and maybe some of the decideds who would really open their minds, would view this! thanks for posting it. love you

faith said...

CJ was sick yesterday... :(

It is amazing book. I want to lead a Bible Study reading it. I am trying to get the Women's Retreat to do it this year. I think I have convinced them to use Titus 2 as their theme. I am super excited.

I sit up front (well, the second row)... no one has ever talked to me. heh.

Mom, yes the concert went well. I am old though, by the second band I was ready to go to sleep. I really enjoyed Jars of Clay and Third Day (the opening and closing bands). Switchfoot is okay and the Robert Randalph band was just weird. ha.