Thursday, June 19, 2008

Well, after tonight half of my semester will be finished!! Next Tuesday all my midterms will be finished. I think summer classes are easier, but maybe it they are just so quick that you don't have a change to realize how much work they are. Either way I have enjoyed my two classes so far. :) I love learning.

I get to come home tonight to celebrate my birthday and see my family!! I am excited for real meals. I have determined that I should never live on my own. I love to cook, but it just isn't worth it for one person. It is so much more fun to cook for other people. I was telling my mom all the things that I have eaten in the past 9 days up here and it went something like this: stuffing, English muffins, sunchips, granola bars, frosted mini wheats and milk, yogurt, cheese and crackers, crepes, dinner rolls, baked beans, grapes, and kiwis. As I was talking I realized that I am eating a lot of carbs. Carbs seem to be the easiest food to make. Kiwis are my favorite fruit right now.

For my birthday my parents are taking me to see Delirious? next weekend! Their new album continues to grow on me while Coldplay's hasn't increased in my opinion. Sarah gave me Les Mis to listen to and that is my other new music fad right now. I have been listening to it really loud when my two roommates are gone. I love Broadway. I want to go see more musicals. And plays, I would go see plays again too. I hope the Grandi-Howards take me to more plays this year... :D

The gym has been so empty and nice whenever I have gone in the past two weeks. However, last week some girl had a seizure and today the fire alarm went off. Thankfully, both days it was relatively cool outside and I finished my run around campus. It made it a little more interesting. I found out that I can run from my parking spot on campus to the gym in about five minutes. That was pretty sweet. I usually pay 75 cents to park their for an hour. So now I can save money next year and I will just run to the gym.

Another thing, it is so much easier to go to the gym when someone is going with you or you are making someone else go. So hopefully Mom will go with me when I get home. :) I fight myself every day to go to the gym. I tried lifting today, but my chest still hurts from the car accident last week so I gave up and just ran. I wonder when that will get better. I looked online and I think I might have bruised my sternum. Anyone know how long that takes to get better? They didn't say much about it online, but the symptoms sounded like what I have. It hurts when I pull the wrong way, laugh, cough, breath in deeply, and most of all when I turn my neck and upper body to back up my car (weird).

Well, I should get back to studying for my midterms and writing these project management papers. I am beginning to like civil engineering. I especially like Reliability Engineering. I think that would be a neat career. It is under appreciate in the engineering field, but it is really interesting. I would get to break things and find out why they fail. That has always been my favorite thing to do. I love breaking things and then figuring out why they broke and how to make them better. I love learning that there are all these ways to break things that give you information to build things better and how people don't ever think to apply them. I really love everything I have learned in reliability; I would say I have enjoyed both my classes, but I had to write that dumb journal paper for my reliability class last year. That class itself was interesting. I am very happy that I decided to go to grad school. I seriously love learning all this stuff. Okay, I really have to go.

See you in Salisbury this weekend! Going away from home makes home even better when you get to come home. :D One day more all on my own...

Home home home home home home home home home home home home home home home home home home home home home!!!!


faith said...

posted at 1:11. I love dates like that. I love numbers. I am so weird.

Dasha said...

Happy birthday, Faith!!! All the best! May all your craziest wishes come true! God bless! :)

cew said...

mayo clinic or web md do a great job at synthsizing medical jargon for the layman. self-diagnosing always makes the nurses slightly upset at me, but eh.

22 another good number combination.

yeah the worst semester nutritionally was when i moved out on my own, because unless i was hosting people it did not feel worth the effort. besides who wants five days of leftovers?

riverrat said...

Cooking for one is a breeze-once you get the hang of it. No one complaining that they only want whole wheat, or only vegetables or only fried meat! You can make what YOU want!
(Happy Birthday:-)