Thursday, June 12, 2008

This is my new favorite application on google. I have always loved looking at the satellite pictures on google maps, but now they have STREET VIEW!!! It is super awesome coolness. Can you find where in the US of A this picture is? I'll give you a hint, it is in the United States (but those are the only places so far with streets). It shouldn't be too terrible hard. I left the address in from when I was poking around different places in the country. And one more clue: it is more northernish. Out west is so depressing with no trees and all that brown. I am so glad I like in a pretty state. I like the look of the entire east coast. :)

To prove the great stalking capabilities of google maps... I give you the hospital where Sarah Meadow's works. I also found Stef's apartment, but it was too far off the road and kind of blurry.


grace said...

That's pretty nifty.
I like it.

riverrat said...

Do you think the dirt lanes of Tyaskin are on there?

faith said...

No, it is only a few cities so far. Maybe some day I can scroll down your road.