Monday, June 16, 2008

New Blog Stuff

I started messing with things last night and then I had to fix all the mistakes that I saw. I know that there are probably many more, but I am going to bed. If you find anything that looks funny or links that don't work please leave a comment and let me know of the flaws. And I am still messing with the colors, but I am tired right now. Good night.


riverrat said...

Started to comment last night on Greg's computer, but since he doesn't have the letter "v" I couldn't sign-in!

Praise the Lord that you and your friends are all right!!!! Your mom prayed just this past week about safety for you on the road as she had felt "uneasy"; AND the Lord has kept you especially on my mind and in my prayers this past week! Obviously the Holy Spirit has been prompting us! Don't really understand how it all works but I am GRATEFUL for your protection!(and sorry camping was ruined).
Really like the new blog look.I would just take Ben and Greg off and when if they ever blog, put them back on. Glad you still blog regularly. I'm running out of things to say but I guess it really is a DAILY web log, right?

faith said...

Yeah, I was thinking of taking off Greg, Ben, and Jack. I'll probably put them in some list on the bottom or something so that if you want to you can go read their old posts.

That is really funny about Greg's computer. I couldn't sign in on it either. heh.

And thanks for your prayers. I am just sore still. But, yeah it could have been a lot worse. God is good.