Friday, June 13, 2008

My Friday the thirteenth camping trip and car accident.

I have included pictures and maps below to help with the explanation. So my small group left this morning at 8:30 to head down to the Big Meadows area and go camping for a night. We passed Harrisonburg and headed out of Skyline Drive. I noted them both on the map. Along with a very small town of Elkton and an even smaller town of Grottos. Note those two towns they will be needed later in my story.

The next picture is of the entrance to Skyline Drive. We were following my friend Michelle (far back might I add since my other friend Rebecca is the most cautious driver that I know). And she missed the entrance to Skyline Drive... So at the top of this hill she randomly pulls into this u-turn lane (I would put her in same school of drivers as Stephanie Hornor...maybe not as spastic). I am turning around and looking at the entrance to Skyline Drive because I recognized it and wanted to see if we had really passed it. I never saw Michelle turn. Rebecca did, but when she went to stop her rug was all crammed under the brake petal and wouldn't go down. So I never saw what really happened because I heard Rebecca cry out and as I turned I flew forward into my seat belt. OUCH. We stopped immediately, but Michelle's car flew across the opposite lane of traffic and over the hill between the two roads and into Skyline Drive. Only her one air bag went off, neither of ours did. Needless to say the camping trip was ended here. Everyone was stiff and sore, but we all were walking around and talking. The park rangers were awesome, as were the ambulance drive and the fire men. They were all so sweet and talked to us for a long time. The single cop that showed up (later than everyone else mind you) was extremely grumpy and gave Rebecca a ticket for speeding and for being reckless even though we all (all three of the rest of us) tried to tell him that it wasn't her fault and she is the most careful driver that we know.

Rebecca has AAA and had to go with her car. So I rode along to go with her car and her. The tow truck the cop called was from Grottos (remember on the map where that is). He told us that Grottos had nothing in it for us to wait around in and so he was going to leave us in Elkton where at least they had a few stores to hang out in. Fair enough.

So he left us at a Pizza Hut. We used the restroom and I quizzed the cashier on what was in the area that was fun. She told me to go to a battlefield that is over an hour away (sounds promising this little town does, right?). She told us there was a Dairy Queen and gas station across the street and the other way there was a dollar general. We hung out at DQ for an hour and a half and ate our ice cream and started shaking and just wanting to find some shoulder to cry on. Then we wandered down to Dollar General for some form of entertainment (cribbage maybe?). They didn't have cribbage, but I bought cards and Sorry to play with Rebecca to take her mind off the whole day. Then we happened to look down the street and saw a Subway!! It was wonderful because we hadn't eaten all day since breakfast and it was now around 5:30 and Rebecca's parents were still an hour away. So we went in there and ate subs and played sorry.

After her parents arrived, we drove down to Grottos to pick up all our stuff from the car and then we drove the four hours back to College Park. And now I am back and about to go to bed because I am really tired and sore. Anyhow, what is a story without car pictures. Below is Rebecca's cute little jetta. The poor little thing. Her Dad said it was a lemon anyhow.

If you think about it, you can pray for Rebecca. I know she is going to take it really hard. She already has a pessimistic view on life. So I know this is going to be rough on her. She looked so sad all day and I couldn't even get her to smile, which I can normally do pretty easily. Thanks!!

Happy Friday the Thirteenth!!


Sue said...

I have been praying for all of you, and I am SOOOO thankful you were not hurt a whole lot worse! WheW! However, humanly, we all wish things like that did not happen, and I am so sorry you all had to go through this. May God make Himself real to your friend(s) and you and may your souls be comforted and refreshed by His care and teaching! Love you!

Sue said...

And to kibbe and mack--Boscov's had the elevator that I know of in the mall!

faith said...

I feel guilty that 1) I only have bruises from my seat belt across my chest and not a sore neck and back like everyone else. My chest just hurts when I laugh (which is sort of a pain... ha ha) and 2) that I don't feel as bad about the whole situation as everyone else. I feel for them. They all seem to be taking it pretty roughly. I really want to see my mother last night, but once I jumped back into schoolwork I was great. heh. I would have called you last night but I didn't want to start crying and I knew I would if I talked to you. heh. You always sounds so sweet and loving.

faith said...

Oh and being stuck in that small town made me think of Odyessy for some reason. I don't know why. Not the town, but something out of their road trip episodes. I was amused.