Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I also want to take time to publically thank my parents for being so awesome. I love them both very much and I can't even begin to express how wonderful they are to me. I had a lovely birthday with them. My Dad gave me a pen knife and a screwdriver and two textbooks. heh. My Mom made me cream puffs and waited on my hand and foot. She also bought be crossword puzzles. Both my parents are so dear to me. I love them so much. Thank you both for putting before me good examples of what a Christ centered life and relationship is. Thank you for sending me to college and for encouraging me and being proud of me. I love being your daughter.

My Dad is great. He will listen to me ramble on for hours and hours about school while everyone else is bored out of there mind. He likes math. I like math. It works out well that way. My Dad also leaves me presents under my pillow at random times. He came up to visit me this semester and snuck upstairs and left me a bag of ginger snaps (one of our favorites) under my pillow. It was so sweet; it made me cry when I found them after he had left. He is one of the smartest people that I have ever met and he had the best sense of humor. He has been a great example in my life and I am so thankful for his guidence.

My mother bakes and cooks me whatever I want each time I come home. Even if she wasn't planning on it and I mention that I want something else. She is amazing. I love her dearly. She listens to me talk about anything that isn't school related. She gives me hugs (so does Dad). I get so hug deprived at school. She fills my car with gas and writes me at least a note every other week at school. Her notes most often come at the perfect time and cheer me up and encourage me to press on.

I am supposed to be taking an exam right now, but I felt like telling the whole world how wonderful my parents are for me!!! I am so blessed. I thank God for that. I hope I can be like them someday. They've taught me a lot. I love them. It is neat how God gives us the parents that are best suited for us. I am so glad for mine. I couldn't have asked for more.

I know both of my parents love me very much and that is a great blessing. Even great is the blessing that they love God and have taught me to follow Him. Thank you both.


riverrat said...

Wow! I hope your mother prints this and tucks it under her pillow!
I agree, your parents are terrific and I'm so glad the Lord brought us together. And it makes a parents heart glad that a child recognizes the best of their parents!

faith said...

It is such a feeble attempt to describe why they are great. But thanks.

Sue said...

Wow. I'm speechless and in tears. Thank you. Some day you may know how much this entry meant to Dad and me. There's a verse about "There is no greater joy for a parent than to see his children walking with the Lord..." Wow.

Mackenzee said...

Aw, Faith!! :) You do have wonderful parents...praise God for giving us both Christian parents! We should ALWAYS remember how incredibly blessed we are!!

[on a side note -sigh- i started blogging again.]

cew said...

so i am wiping away tears and luckily no one is the wiser. =)