Saturday, May 03, 2008

edit1: blue (May 6)

There isn't too much interesting stuff happening to talk about. Here is my list of things to do before the semester is finished (oh and I graduate...):

This week:
* I-Beam Built and tested (this Friday, May 2 - finished)
* 8 homework problems for Mechanics (Monday, May 5)

* Senior Class Homework - 3 pages essay on modeling methods (Tuesday, May 6)
* Senior Final Project Report Draft - we are up to 130 pages so far (single spaced) ... (Wednesday, May 7)
* At least a four page essay on Reliability and Absolute limits on parts (Wednesday, May 7)
* Build prototype of turbine (Wednesday, May 7)
* Programming code homework - I have never programmed before this homework is impossible, so far it is 150 lines of code... and I'm like half finished (Thursday, May 8)
* Final Senior Report Due (Friday, May 9)
* Beam Report - already written - 14 pages single spaced (May 9)

Next week:
* 4 homework problems (Monday, May 12)
* Reliability 4 homework problems (Monday, May 12)
* Grad Class Final (Tuesday, May 13)
* Final Presentation Due and Given in Senior Project (Wednesday, May 14)
* Mechanics Final (Saturday, May 17)

The next week after that:
* Grad Class presentation due (Monday, May 19)
* Reliability (grad class) Final (Wednesday, May 21)
* Reliability Journal Paper Due - so far this is 11 pages, single spaced, 10 font....yeah, bleh...(Wednesday, May 21)

(Friday, May 23)

Gray text is stuff I have already finished and have marked off my list. The beam project is for my mechanics of materials class - we had to build and I-beam that held 1000 pounds and broke right afterwards. The team that had a beam that reached 1000 lbs and then broke the closest to it won. Out of 120 students, our beam broke the closest at 1069 lbs. It is funny to me since we didn't do any work on the beam at all. My beam partner and I are both seniors and have too much other work to do so we just built the thing because we didn't have time to do any real calculations. I mean, we did a few, but once we got a number that looked good we went with that and didn't try any other designs. So that was pretty nice. ha.

Today, I have spent almost the entire day programming in the wonderful language of Matlab (which really isn't a language... I don't know what you would call it). I am trying to get this wave to propagate over a board so that it can search for the quickest way to route a board with the least amount of wire and the most efficient way. It is SOOO frustrating because I know what I want it to do, but it doesn't do what I want it to do. It is sort of like my flesh. I am sure there is some lesson in this... like stick with battling against the flesh even when it is hard and you are discouraged.

Stef also called me today, which was awesome. I miss my good friend Stef so much some days. Almost as much as I miss my family. Life just isn't as much fun without them around. I am always so happy to hear from her and all about her new life. For some reason I have taken like no pictures with Stef. I guess since we are always on the move when we are together and don't have time for that kind of nonsense. heh. I'd post a picture of her and me, but I can't find any. Anyhow, I thank God for Stephanie Hornor and her friendship. It is a blessing and a great encouragement.


Sarah H. said...

Congrats, top beam-breaker!

cew said...

i have one from hayley's sixteenth birthday party which i tacked up on my dorm wall freshmen year. if i find it i shall scan it for you to have (faith and stef horner)

best of luck with the list faith. it is a doozy and helps me put my papers in perspective. i loved your description of the 1000lb beam

faith said...

I don't know if I want to see a picture of myself when I was sixteen. I don't remember Hayley's sixteenth birthday party? What did we do?

Sue said...

you rock! heh love you and praying

cew said...

tehe sixteen- those awkward years =) um from my recollection it was a Tokyo Steakhouse dinner, Zia's for dessert, a mad scavenger hunt around town in Stef's car with her flipping the radio dial and us all alternating shotgun passengers. Mrs. Sue made some kind of french crepés and we watched some movie (LOTR?) before sleeping in a windowed room. wow! now if i can channel this memory into finals =P

faith said...

Oh yeah. I remember now. That was a lot of fun. heh. Your description of stefs driving is perfect. haha.