Tuesday, May 13, 2008

(Scott, Fred (and yes, I am always on a team with another F name making it impossible to assign things by letter - I just think it is funny that I am always with a F since there are so few F names), Allison, Me)
(Cameron, Fred, Me)

Since I haven't posted pictures of me for a while... here are two from today. This is my senior project prototype... (Dad the second one of the back of my head is for you - note the beautiful circuit board and me hooking in the voltmeter - isn't it great? :D Oh, you can also see the red bucket playing double duty by running up the stairs and back down the stairs to act as the holder). Anyhow, sorry but I can't really explain what is going on in these pictures for patten purposes. This is only the prototype, the actual system looks a lot cooler. But I thought I would post pictures (one of the guys is taking the photos - so he isn't in the pictures) of the best team that I have ever had (the best team comes with drawbacks though, they work too hard and we spend too much time in meetings - heh). But if that is what I have to give up to not have to write the entire report (like I have in previous semesters), it is a small price to pay. Anyhow... here is what I have been working on for 16 weeks. It is pretty exciting! The final report is single spaced and 120 pages and the final presentation is tomorrow. I get to wear a suit!! :)

I turned in homework yesterday and that 120 page final project report. I took one final exam today and turned in a presentation for that class and a homework set. I have my final presentation for my senior project tomorrow. And then all I will have left are:
* Mechanics Final (Saturday --> requested to be moved to Tuesday at 2pm and granted. YES!!)
* Reliability Final (Wednesday 8am)
*Reliability Journal Paper (Wednesday 5pm)
* Graduation Main Commencement (Thursday night May 22)
* Graduation School Commencement (Friday noon May 23) and I am so glad I refused to speak at graduation. That would be too much pressure.


riverrat said...

I loved projects like this-in elementary school:-) Projects that took us outside with our friends on a pretty Spring day; away from from the drudgery of bookwork.
Of course, our projects were insignificant-no final grades resting on them-like the Chinese kites we made from crepe paper!

faith said...

Yes, it is always nice to get out of the classroom, even though we aren't allowed to do this with class time. It is all outside class time. Boo.