Thursday, May 08, 2008

My life as a Dilbert comic strip... I laughed outloud at this today. Maybe because this is what I am doing for my final reports. They ask us to quote so many cost figures on everything under the sun and how much you think the user is going to have to pay over the entire lifetime of the machine... and on and on and on. So yeah. A lot of it is guessing and using some formulas that sort of make it look more official. It still takes a long time.

This is the comic (thanks to Jared) that started me reading (and enjoying) Dilbert. heh.


Sarah H. said...


This reminds me of my marketing project. I completely made up a consumer survey and talked about the 117 people I interviewed. I made up all these random numbers and percents, and I even made a pretty graph in Excel.

Sue said...

i'm not sure you should be publically acknowledging this...of course, i make up things for the "establishment" all the time...hmmmm, makes me think about that sermon on truth Sunday night...

riverrat said...

Reminds ME of how we all skew info. for our own purposes. BUT it is interesting how our "itching ears" are ready to hear info that "we want". ie. S.H.'s project.

Anna P said...

Reminds me of an example:

There are men in Salisbury that are cutting open pregnant women.

Yes, this is true, but only partial truth.

These men are gynecologists.

Anyway, Dilbert is good fun, had know idea he was an engineer though. Now when I see them you'll pop to mind.