Thursday, May 29, 2008

I graduated last week.
I am a really mechanical engineer now!
And a real physicist.

I stole this picture from Anna. Maybe I will post more later, but they are all on my flash drive, which is on my keys, which is in my room, and I don't want to walk back there because I am making chicken pot pie and german chocolate cake for dinner. I like cooking. I start classes again Tuesday. I am paying for my summer classes so I can finish my degree in a year. I didn't realize summer classes cost SO much more then regular schooling. Yikes. $444 a credit hour. I am taking 6 credit hours. The school would pay for them if I did my degree in two years, but I am trying to finish in a year.


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many happy returns of the day. very few people realize or care that "graduate," from the student's point of view, is a passive verb. so the correct phrase is: "i was graduated last week."
-mr high horse english major