Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Things I LOVE about Spring:
* The smell of fresh cut grass
* Mud between my toes
* Flip Flops
* Dresses and Skirts
* Jumping in puddles
* Flowers in all colors
* Playing outside
* Open windows
* The smell and feel of warm rain

Praise God for changing seasons. Spring is always something to look forward to. I love spring. If I didn't have school it would be my favorite season. I think once school is out spring is going to trump summer and become my favorite season. :D So I guess this is summer's last year as number one. heh.


Mackenzee said...

Out of everything you said, this year, warm rain & flip flops have thus far been my favorite!

Sue said...

amen! (to a beautiful, life-filled, wonder-filled time of year!)

riverrat said...

The heady smell of lilacs; the lush greens of the trees and grasses; the cat and dog bouncing in and out the porch door that has been shut for four months; fresh asparagus; Graduations!

faith said...

Fresh Asparagus!!! This is the first year I have actually liked the stuff and boy was it good last sunday when I was home and Dad broght in some fresh cut stuff. :D