Monday, March 24, 2008

A few things I love and experienced over spring break:

* My dad and Mr. Harts Sunday School class
* all the people in the previously mentioned Sunday school class
* my mom's baked chicken
* pineapple
* Hannah and Patrick (and cheese)
* my mom's fudge!
* my brother's sense of humor
* cribbage
* Mrs. Shelton's Swedish pancakes
* finishing crossword puzzles with Jared
* long talks
* boggle
* my sisters
* long walks
* the Taylors (family and house)
* Mary's delight
* rummy
* UNC winning
* Leeland and Casting Crowns
* wearing dresses and skirts
* matching Jared
* chinatown
* flowers!
* getting to use my awesome vase
* wonderful family
* great friends
* sweet Jared

* oh and no classes :D


riverrat said...


annie said...

what a happy list! :)

i wish i could put boggle on MY list.
nobody will ever play boggle with me. sigh.

faith said...

I bet you always win, by a lot. People that read a lot seem to do really really well in boggle. You should play at small group some night. Hannah is crazy at that game. Mrs Shelton and Hannah kill me in that game.

linnea said...

Yea, Annie, Faith is right! My mom and sister totally slay at that game. But I bet you are totally just as good. Although I LOVVVEEEE playing too! Monopoly,Scrabble and Boggle are my numba #1 #2 #3 fav games!!

Faith . . I can't believe "sweet Jared" made it LAST place on your list!!! (or 27th place depending how you look at it)

Faith said...

It is just a list of things I like. It it isn't in any order. I put Jared at the bottom so that he wouldn't be lost in the middle of the list and at least people see him (or maybe it was more that he would see himself and know I appreciate him). :)

Sue said...

just wanted to say i miss you; the windows are open and the day was gorgeous (tomorrow we'll be cold again, but oh well); and anyway, i miss you. thanks for housing anna and friend

Sue said...

love to the grandipop howards, too; praying for him!