Sunday, February 03, 2008

So I've decided that I feel sorry for people that live in dorms during college and not with great people like the Howards. Not only do they cook me meal and clean the house and buy me stuff, but they also take me really interesting places and introduce me to many neat friends of theirs, who all have very interesting stories to tell.

Today, I came home from church around 12 and Joe tells me to get ready because we are going to see the biggest White Oak in Maryland and that it is on the farm of one of his friends. So I jump in the car with Pamala, Joe, little Joe, Jasper, and Mary and we all head up to the Rockvilleish area. I am not quite sure where we ended up, we headed up 270 for a while and then ended up in the most lovely place with rolling hills and driving through small little towns with cute little general stores. We passed a lot of big farms and houses and gorgeous houses. And we came to this HUGE farm that is across the road from this mountain called Sugarloaf Mountain. The land is beautiful!! I love rolling hills and trees!!! They are so amazing. Well, anyhow, this farm is huge and amazing as well. It used to be a dairy farm and now is an orchard and a farmhouse (with a wrap around porch (I dream that someday I will own a house with a wrap around porch, or at least a pretty decent size porch in the front of the is a nice dream. I also dream I live on a farm like this that tucked away in a bunch of rolling hills and ponds and trees)).

We walked down a big hill and over some water and around a few fields (where on a few other hills this man has built two guest houses for his kids when they come to stay with him - beautiful). And around into this open area with this big White Oak tree with two chairs under it and a lovely view. Man, it is was so nice. It was like one of those settings that you read about in a book where the main character goes to read or think. It was great. I can't even describe it.

So this man and his wife own this farm. He grew up in Harlem after his parents moved here from Italy (so yes, he has major personal space issues and since he went to College park, he adored me and hung on my arm and got really closed to my face and talked to me a lot). So his mom always wanted to live in the country, but she ended up dying in Harlem and never got to move to the country. So this guy got in to construction and earned a bit of money and ended up buying this farm and he named it Stella's Dream (after his mother). He was the funniest little old man. He loved to talk and he greets you with a giant hug and a kiss. It was a very entertaining day. His wife was very sweet as well. She was really laid back and nice.

So this had been family week at the Howards. I normally see a few family members here or there and not very many of them. The Howards are normally going places and visiting people. Well, in the first week that I have been here I have seen a member of every family's but the Cambridge Howards. Pamela and her two boys have been staying here all weekend (and boy is Jasper a handful). Yesterday Melinda and Kevin came for lunch. Today Vernon and Emily and their two boys came with two of Michaels boys. And tonight David is coming over for the super bowl. So Kate and Damien, you all should stop by and make my week complete (although I saw you last Sunday.... so I can just say in the last eight days instead of the last week).

So yes, I feel sorry for people that live in dorms and eat dinner food. I meet the neatest people and eat the most interesting foods. Yesterday I got to try this Greek dish and a few days ago it was Ethiopian food. And the new intern (who lives in the basement) is a vegetarian, so Joe keeps making fun of me for not eating my salads, but I tell him that John can eat them all now because he likes that sort of stuff. ha ha. Life is always an adventure around here. I am really going to miss this place when I leave. It has been a fun two years. :)

Oh and Mom and Dad, you have to come see this tree sometime this semester. Joe really wants you to. So plan to come up one of these Saturdays, please.

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kibbe said...

Hey, I just ordered White oak tree kits for the store! They're beautifully packaged as if for the Martha Stewart catalog. Lovely! And now You blog about the biggest W.O. tree. Fun! Did you take pictures? I could use them in the display:)