Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The GrandiHowards have to be some of the sweetest people ever.

I came down to breakfast this morning and Mary says, "Faith guess what we..."
Joe says, "no, no, no, Mary don't tell her." He looks at me. "Why do you use Dove soap?"
Me - "Ahhh, because it doesn't make my skin as dry."
Joe - "Well, you should look around upstairs and try to find a surprise for you."
Mary - "That is a much more interesting way of telling her."

Joe - "Mary insisted that we buy you something at Cosco yesterday."

So I went upstairs and looked and there is 14 bars of Dove soap. Like I could ever go through all of that in the next three months. Crazy sweet people. I love them so much!! One bar would have been enough to make me happy. :D


riverrat said...

Hmm. Are they trying to tell you something...:-)

Sue said...

you could share them with sarah; she uses it too...they sure are nice...