Wednesday, February 06, 2008

For Mrs. Huntington:

I found these on Washington Post's website.
Annie and Anna could come up some time and take pictures of it, but they probably find trees pretty boring. heh.

Grandipop is in the middle of this photo. Doesn't he have a great smile? I love that face. He is great. It is a whole lot of fun living with the Howards. Oh and that reminds me, I need to pick him up a copy of the diamondback so he can do the crossword puzzle. I always almost forget and have to walk back to engineering and get him one. heh. Anyhow, I included this picture because I love when Joe laughs like this and you all need to experience it sometime. :D


Sue said...

You have definitely been blessed!

kibbe said...


annie said...

trees are NEVER boring! i love trees. :) heh heh.