Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Two things:

1. I had the craziest dream last night. It was so real and disappointing when I woke up. I got an invitation to a shower for Linnea Taylor (whether she was Linnea Taylor yet, I don't know and neither do I know what the shower was for). So my family is in our van heading down the bypass to the old Taylors house, but when we get to the front of the neighborhood, suddenly I am riding my bike. I ride my bike all the way through the neighborhood. I even catch myself thinking, now should I turn right and go the way that we always used to drive in or should I go left towards the Andersons. I went right and road past the court with the old hippie van and around the curve that follows that and came to the Taylors house. The weird thing about this dream is how real everything was. It looked just like the old neighborhood, nothing was changed. It was crazy.

I park my bike in the garage where we used to keep the bikes and I walk into the mudroom and through the den and into the kitchen where I am greeted my Mrs. Shelton. I guess I was early or something because no one else had arrived yet. Mrs. Shelton is showing me around the house and showing me how she painted this and hung these new curtains. As I am touring the house a few of my siblings appear and they are commenting about how nice the rooms look and how different they are from before. I hope to find out that the Sheltons have bought the house, just Pastor and Mrs. Shelton, I don't know where the rest of the kids are. We (my siblings and I are teasing each other that it looks so much better than when we stayed there and how there aren't sleeping bags all unfolded all over the place and toys everywhere. One of us even remarks about how the parrot isn't there in the corner of the school room anymore) walk around and then head downstairs where I guess we start the party or whatever we were doing there. The dream sort of ends there. But it was so weird and real. Usually in a dream details are out of place, like the rooms aren't the right size or in the right location, but everything was the same, just the walls were different colors. Oh and one more thing, the kitchen was now dark green with black molding and dark wood cabinets. Mrs. Shelton was thinking of changing that because the people who owned the house before them had changed it to this and she didn't really like it. So yeah. Strange dream. It made me miss the Taylors old house. heh.

2. I just looked up my graduation information at Salisbury today. The website says, "SPRING COMMENCEMENT IS SATURDAY, MAY 17, 2008 AT 10 A.M. AND 2 P.M. AT THE WICOMICO YOUTH & CIVIC CENTER." Well, that is all well and good, but then I remembered this from the University of Maryland website, " 15-21: Final Exam, College Commencment - 22, 23".

So how is it that both universities are in the University of Maryland school system and are supposed to have the same schedule, but somehow, Salisbury expects me to come home when I have a final on Friday, Saturday, and Monday and graduate on Saturday. It isn't even possible. :) Silly school system. I guess I now have an excuse not to walk at SU. I didn't really want to have to sit through two graduations. I'm not mad, just curious, how they claim to have the same schedule, but don't.


Sue said...

Dreams are wild! I hope this one doesn't make my friend homesick for the old homestead (although the changes probably don't appeal to her); however, her new abode is so beautiful (what a gift my friend has for decorating--wish I had it!) that I know she loves it there now, too. Memories are bittersweet at times; life moves on. I am looking forward to graduation!

faith said...

I would like to know:

1. Why the Sheltons decided to buy the Taylors old house?

2. Why we were there?

3. Why the people before painted the kitchen really weird colors?

Yeah, other then that the dream seemed really believeable.

riverrat said...

I find this fascinating. I still have many dreams of the house I grew up in-always pleasant dreams. With very vivid details. I am not homesick for the "ol' homestead" but apparently my niece is:-) Even funny about the hippie van. Makes me wonder what details and memories are hidden in the deep recesses of our minds.
Graduation: Blah. I dragged my feet too long and got the LAST room in Chestertown for H's graduation.

riverrat said...

Will Jared or Matt blog? I want to hear of their Southern adventure!
And when can we get tickets to the play?

Dasha said...

I absolutely agree, dreams make me freak out once in a while. Sometimes I don't remember the dream, but have this weird feeling for the whole day - think of a person I haven't seen in a while or think of things that didn't matter to me before... and then I realise I saw these things in my dream. Dreams have a really big effect on my concious. But it's cool to have them, isn't it? We're blessed to be entertained at night, many people don't remember their dreams at all.

Anna said...

It's freezing in this building. The boilers broke in the "Jason" building.

I tried another blog.
Maybe this one won't decide to delete itself.