Monday, January 14, 2008

Today I am featuring a post by Matt Robins. He wrote this on facebook. But I thought I would steal it for all of you that are not on facebook or are not friends of his on facebook. I was going to post about this, but Matt says it better than I would. Lastly, I would just like to say how EXCITED I am about this!!!! I am so proud of you both!
- Faith

Matt and Jared go on the road with Huckabee in S.C.!!!!!
by Matt Robins

"So as some of you may know, I have been making support video song parodies with my idk bff Jared Shelton for the Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee. They can be found at my youtube address:

When we started these things it was sort of just for fun and at the reccomendation of his girlfriend's (Faith Harr) sister (Sarah Harr) but then we got so much positive feedback (and a little bit of e-fame) that we started making more. We have recorded four (though I've written more) and three of them actually got on Huckabee's campaign blog. That, we thought, was as far as this would go and were perfectly happy with it. We were wrong.

Yesterday Mike's son David got in contact with us and even spoke a bit on the phone with Jared (because he's signed up on the website and had his info listed) and we were invited to go on the road with Team Huckabee in South Carolina for three rally stops where we would kick off the events by performing live one or more of our parodies!!!!! And possibly with the Huckster himself, as he's quite the accomplished bassist!!!! And CHUCK FREAKING NORRIS will be there!!!

Of course we accepted. They're reimbursing us for all gas used, paying for our hotel room which will be right with everyone in their campaign, and we'll get to just hang out with everyone!

Regardless of your own political standing, this is like NATIONAL exposure! Big things could come of this.


So we leave Wednesday morning and will be sure to take a TON of pictures and make some sort of blog or something to chronicle our journey, though we're both very bad at doing that sort of thing. We'll keep y'all posted regardless. :-P "

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