Thursday, December 13, 2007

Joe and Mary took me on a study break tonight. I was in my room all day studying until they came home tonight and took me out to see the Mormon Tabernacle lights. They were pretty neat (the fact that they were LED lights there was neat). The visitor center there is sort of creepy because it is like Christian with a bunch of weird stuff mixed in. It is just weird. But seeing LED lights was really awesome!
Then on the way home we road by a few decorated Christmas houses down on the edge of DC. Yes, I was in DC tonight!! :D You know that makes me happy. I love DC. It is so interesting. So then Joe decided that we were really close to the actual Silver Spring in Silver Spring. So we drove over there and Mary and I had to get out and go look at the actual Silver Spring. It was really small. heh. But I have seen it now! Good history lesson mixed in there with the fun.
Then Joe had us fun in giant and we each picked out our favorite ice cream because the house was getting a little low on ice cream. All we have had for the last few weeks has been vanilla. I love chocolate and mint chocolate. My absolute favorite is chocolate peanut butter by turkey hill. Actually it is chocolate malt by Turkey Hill, but that was a special summer flavor that they had many years ago. So the actual flavor that they still make, that I love, is chocolate peanut butter. But that chocolate malt was amazing!!! It was perfect right when it had been sitting out for a while and was getting soft and melty. Yum. The first time I ever had it was at the Huntingtons!! Woohoo!
So that was my evening. I love the Howards. Joe and Mary make my life so much fun. I love living with them. Life gets so interesting and fun. :) I wish I had more free time to do stuff with them. I need to see the Botanical Gardens Christmas display. But there is no time before I leave, maybe sometime between Christmas and New Years... I don't know.
Anyhow, I hope you are all making time for fun activities and not sticking your head in a book. :) See you all in Salisbury in six days!!!

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Sue said...

Can't wait! Praying for you! Sounds like you had a lot more fun than if Dad and I had made it up there just to take you to dinner! We actually did not get out of the hospital until 5:45 or so,so it would have been very late getting to you anyway...but like I said in the beginning, can't wait and praying for you! Love you!