Monday, December 17, 2007

Front Cover
I'm taking a break between my two exams today to eat Chick-fil-A and tell you all that Laura Dye is amazing (she was Stef's wedding photographer)... If you want to see the final book she put together for the wedding, go here. It is incredible. Great job, Laura! Also, more cool points for Laura because her husband's name is Jared, which is one of the coolest names ever! heh.

Happy People
I love the one of Stef and Leslie.
So cute.

And I love the one of Stef playing the piano because it reminds me of some random fun that we last had together. I think that is why I love the one of all the bridesmaids trying to catch goldfish. I was hungry, we were in a nursey, anyone who has seen me at church knows I normally get goldfish between services. :)

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