Sunday, December 02, 2007

A few things before this week starts:

* Hayley is coming to College Park tomorrow!! We are having dinner. I am so excited because then I have something to look forward to all day! Woohoo.

* Two, the sermon was really good today. I will try to get around to typing up a few notes. I'm a little typed out right now and I still have one more report to write.

* Three, I have two projects due tomorrow and one on Wednesday. I have been running computer simulation after computer simulation for the last three weeks, but I hadn't done any writing for the projects until Wednesday night. I started Wednesday night and wrote until Friday night. Seriously, it was all I did. I wrote 53 pages of material and formatted 51 pages of excel spreadsheets. It was insane. Today my heat transfer group put our project together. The report was 51 pages in entirety. I wrote at least half of those. My HVAC project I have written on my own. It tops out at 28 pages. I just finished the conclusion. I am so proud of it. haha. I am so glad it is finished.

* Four, Mary makes amazing ginger cookies. They are flat like ginger snaps, but they are chewy like regular cookies. I have eaten so many. I need to get the recipe. They are amazing!!

* Five, Maryland soccer is disappointing. They scored twice in the first half. It was 30 some degrees last night. The entire night they were pounding away at the other teams goal, but couldn't get anything else to go in. It was chilly. I needed more than four layers. With only two and a half minutes left they let the other team score and the they let them score again with only 30 seconds left. It was freezing. I should have brought a blanket. So they went into overtime. I should have brought two blankets. No one scored and they went into a second overtime and I was all excited because I love shootouts (as long as I am not in them). I couldn't feel my feet. But the other team scored with a minute left. I hobbled out to the car because my feet hurt so much. It was cold. The guy behind us laughed like this, "ck ck ck ck ck". It made us laugh. I LOVE SOCCER!!

* Six, I have finished two of my three homework sets due this week. I don't know when I will finish the last one . It is due Tuesday at five.

* Seven, I can't wait until Wednesday. Then I will be done all my projects. WOOHOO! Almost as exciting as Hayley coming to visit (in case you forgot, see point one).


EDIT: Apparently I also have a lab due this week. I just checked my email before going to bed and he sent an email out two minutes ago that assigned a lab this week. The report is to be written during class and handed in. Craziness. I love the professor, but he really does demand a lot. I love heat transfer too.


riverrat said...

:-D I'm glad Hayley's coming! Enjoy!
Can you smell the snow? Did you get any? We've only gotten rain, but I know it's somewhere!

Anna P said...

Dang, reading your schedule, I don't think I would survive University. But praise God for friends who can add some joy and fun (although I do think learning is both) and take the repetition out of a somewhat tedious schedule! I'm so happy you and Haley can spend time together.

Word Verification: nycuf. I think that is code that you and Haley should get up to NYC too!

kibbe said...

Faith, just reading your schedule makes me tired and makes my hand hurt!Acutally, you're probably typing it all, so it makes my finers hurt. But I'd have a headache and steam coming out of my ears if I was doing all that crazy-hard thinking!

kibbe said...

that "finers" hurt, I'm sure clever girl that you are, you've already figured it was supposed to be "fingers"....

faith said...

or I just read it as fingers... heh.

Yes, I can smell the snow. It is supposed to snow on Wednesday... I don't know if it will happen. It rained all last night. But I didn't mind becaues it makes it really nice to sleep to. You can't really fall asleep to the sound of snow. heh.

Sue said...

Have fun and give Hayley a hug for all of us!