Wednesday, November 28, 2007

You know you are in the final days of the semester when your professors all start writing so fast and you realize that you are holding your breath while you try to copy everything down. You also know it is the end of the semester when you learn an entire of semester of linear algebra in one class (because you were already "supposed" learn it, even though it isn't a required class, but the professor thinks it is a good tool for everyone to use... basically he says, "you will need to learn this by the final, it doesn't matter if you have never taken linear algebra, there will be questions about this on the final." ) .

Hooray for the end of the semester! These are the days of madness. Two projects are due Monday and one on Wednesday along with a project report presentation. I don't even want to look at the assigned homework, it is rather depressing.

If you get a chance, please say a prayer that I keep a good attitude about the end of the semester. I always seem to let the stress level get me down and taking five classes this semester instead of four is crazy, especially since they are all upper levels. Or feel free to drop me comments in the next three weeks reminding me to rejoice and have joy!

Oh, and one last thing... Stephanie (Hornor) Keith is one of the greatest people to get my mind off school. She called me last night and had me laughing so hard that I was crying about old memories and crazy things that we had done together. Wow! I love that girl so much!! So thank God for Steffy. I miss her so. She was always good for coming up with crazy and fun ways to distract me from doing my schoolwork.


Sue said...

Praying for you and love you as always!

riverrat said...

I love watching you smart girls work so hard! It inspires me!!! Press on.
AND how is Steph?! Does she love Colorado? Can we convince her to blog?

faith said...

She doesn't have a computer or internet and won't walk to the library to blog. I have tried to get her to blog before. It don't work. Maybe you all should ask her. She sounds good. I think she misses life here, but she is getting used to married life and they bought a vacuum the other day. I was teasing her about that. She was like yesterday we went shopping for a vacuum so now I can clean our apartment. And I started laughing and told her she was an old married woman now because she was excited about cleaning. haha.

She is working with a company that sits with older people. they put stef with this woman that has made three people quit because she is so mean. But stef seems to be handling it fine and with a good sense of humor.

Anna Grace said...

Hey Faith--

Would you like to link to my most recent post? So that everyone can learn about an exciting way to give during the holiday season. :D