Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Today marks a huge day in my undergraduate career. It is something I have never done before in all nine other semesters of my schooling. Today I will not be turning in homework for the first time ever in my life! *gasp* Yes, but before you all go into fits and think the world is ending, let me explain. In the class that I am skipping turning in homework, I get to drop one homework, and since I already have 20/20 or 19/20s on all the homeworks and since I had one exam yesterday and two tomorrow and since I had a lab report due today, I thought the time would be better spent on studying. So celebrate with me the freedom of not having to turn in a homework set. WOOHOO! This is very exciting. I've gotta get back to studying for my exams. Right now I am waiting for my professor to show up so we can go through some questions I have about the exam. He said he would be in at 8. So I have been sitting outside his door since 7:50. heh. I can't wait to be able to sleep this weekend. In other news, I don't feel as sick today as I have in a few days. Maybe I am getting better. We'll have to see.


Anna said...

Yeah buddy. I like those lyrics too. Hahaha.

We should. It's going to be rather depressing once this has past. Although, then we Christmas to look forward to! Hoo-rah.

riverrat said...

Liberation! Good for you to even "use up" your "free pass":-)
Glad to hear you're feeling a bit better-but I did notice the phrase "I can't wait to be able to sleep this weekend".

Sue said...

If you haven't been to Hannah's blog and watched the video there, you should. Awesome.

faith said...

I agree with Mom, go watch Hannah's video and take notes! It is great.

One exam down, one more to go and one class until sleep!!!!