Tuesday, November 20, 2007

More proof that I am a huge nerd...
Last Undergrad semester schedule!!

For a more complete explaination...
I am taking:

* ENES220 - Mechanics of Materials; (3 credits)
Stress and deformation of solids-rods, beams, shafts, columns, tanks, and other structural, machine and vehicle members. Topics include stress transformation using Mohr's circle; shear and moment diagrams; derivation of elastic curves; and Euler's buckling formula. Design problems related to this material are given in lab.

I should have taken this class a long time ago, but I didn't. So I was supposed to test out of it this semester, but that didn't guarentee an A and it was way too good of a chance to boast my GPA. So this class is what I take to pad my grade. I'm a sad little nerd when this is what I take for an easy class. HA. But I need it to graduate.

* ENME472 - Integrated Product and Process Development; (3 credits)
Integration of product development with the development process. Design strategies. Product architecture. Design for manufacturing. Selection of materials. Design for assembly. Basically, all that means is SENIOR PROJECT. This class is supposed to be a ton of work. But this is the class I have been looking forward to the ost because you get to design your own project and actually make it and market it. How sweet is that?!?

* ENME695 - Failure Mechanisms and Reliability; (3 credits)
This course will present classical reliability concepts and definitions based on statistical analysis of observed failure distributions. Techniques to improve reliability, based on the study of root-cause failure mechanisms, will be presented; based on knowledge of the life-cycle loadprofile, product architecture and material properties. Techniques toprev ent operational failures through robust design and manufacturing practices will be discussed. Students will gain the fundamentals and skills in the field of reliability as it directly pertains to the designand the manufacture of electrical, mechanical, andelectomechanical products.

Ummm, I don't really know how to explain all that. Think computer chips, then think about the plastic casing around them and then boards they sit on... yeah, this class is about how those type of things fail. It is a grad class. It should be fun.

* ENME808X - Advanced Topics in Mechanical Engineering: Engineering Decision Making; (3 credits)
I don't have a clue what this is about... I am thinking about swapping it out for:
ENME808Z Advanced Topics in Mechanical Engineering: Design in Electronic Product Development; (3 credits) it is just so much paperwork!!

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