Friday, November 30, 2007

I told Jared that I want to see this play called Charley's Aunt in February. I've been looking forward to it for a while. Well, Sunday he tells me that is he going to audition because he knows I have wanted to see him act for a while. Today he tells me that he got the part of Charley!!! YAY!! Hey Jared, this could be part of my Christmas gift, if you want. :D

So people, PLAN this on to your calenders. I promise that it will be funny! It is British humor! I love British humor.


Friday Feb. 15 2008
8:00 pm
Saturday Feb. 16 2008
8:00 pm
Sunday Feb. 17 2008
2:00 pm

Friday Feb. 22 2008
8:00 pm
Saturday Feb. 23 2008
8:00 pm
Sunday Feb. 24 2008
2:00 pm


Go once, go twice, go every night!!
It is going to be awesome!

edit: Matt Robins is going to be playing the guy that has to dress up like Charley's Aunt so it should be funny. One more reason to come. Matt Robins in a dress... And plenty of fake British Accents!!!

or you can donate money to the family goat gift...
talk to Mom about that one.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

You know you are in the final days of the semester when your professors all start writing so fast and you realize that you are holding your breath while you try to copy everything down. You also know it is the end of the semester when you learn an entire of semester of linear algebra in one class (because you were already "supposed" learn it, even though it isn't a required class, but the professor thinks it is a good tool for everyone to use... basically he says, "you will need to learn this by the final, it doesn't matter if you have never taken linear algebra, there will be questions about this on the final." ) .

Hooray for the end of the semester! These are the days of madness. Two projects are due Monday and one on Wednesday along with a project report presentation. I don't even want to look at the assigned homework, it is rather depressing.

If you get a chance, please say a prayer that I keep a good attitude about the end of the semester. I always seem to let the stress level get me down and taking five classes this semester instead of four is crazy, especially since they are all upper levels. Or feel free to drop me comments in the next three weeks reminding me to rejoice and have joy!

Oh, and one last thing... Stephanie (Hornor) Keith is one of the greatest people to get my mind off school. She called me last night and had me laughing so hard that I was crying about old memories and crazy things that we had done together. Wow! I love that girl so much!! So thank God for Steffy. I miss her so. She was always good for coming up with crazy and fun ways to distract me from doing my schoolwork.

Monday, November 26, 2007

John Newton

By faith in Christ I walk with God,
With Heav’n, my journey’s end, in view;
Supported by His staff and rod,
My road is safe and pleasant too.

I travel through a desert wide
Where many round me blindly stray;
But He vouchsafes to be my Guide,
And will not let me miss my way.

Though snares and dangers throng my path,
And earth and hell my course withstand;
I triumph over all by faith,
Guarded by His almighty hand.

The wilderness affords no food,
But God for my support prepares;
Provides me every needful good,
And frees my soul from wants and cares.

With Him sweet converse I maintain,
Great as He is I dare be free;
I tell Him all my grief and pain,
And He reveals His love to me.

Some cordial from His Word He brings,
Whene’er my feeble spirit faints;
At once my soul revives and sings,
And yields no more to sad complaints.

I pity all that worldlings talk
Of pleasures that will quickly end;
Be this my choice, O Lord, to walk
With Thee, my Guide, my Guard, my Friend.
Field greens
Mandarin oranges
blue cheese

I bought a salad today.
I ate a salad today.
Thank you Howards.

I love blue cheese!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

See these wonderful candles...

I saw these at the Huntington's house many many months ago and I commented how I loved them and I would love to buy them from Mrs. Huntintons shop when she got more in. That was quite a while ago. I love these candles because they remind me of Dr. Suess. I don't know what it is. Maybe they look like little stripped stockings on the funny little people in the books. But anyhow, I love them very much.

So today I go over there for thanksgiving and Mrs. Huntington tells me that she has a present for me. And she gives me these wonderful wonderful candles!!! I can't wait to have a house to put them out in. They are so fun and lovely. I am so happy. :D

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Ana Candles.
I went over to the Shelton's for dinner last night and Mrs. Shelton and Jared had a wonderful surprise for me... Mrs. Shelton made me Swedish pancakes!!! Woohoo! After over two years, I have finally gotten to eat her Swedish pancakes and boy are they good. Plus, as an added bonus, Hannah was there and I got to see her too!! YAY! Oh yum they were good, with nice warm peaches!!

Jared says I should be a food critic because I care about how my food tastes so much. haha. Well, if I was a food critic, I'd rate these among my top favorites. However, mostly everything My Mom, Mrs. Taylor, and Mrs. Shelton make are in my top favorites. ha. Anyhow, it was such a lovely surprise! Thanks guys. :D

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I am going to see this tomorrow with my family! Yes, that means that I am going home tomorrow after my last class. Woohoo! Ps. Jared says this is getting Oscar buzz because of the main actress's job in the movie. Sarah showed me the trailer many weeks ago and she has been talking about going tomorrow for a while. I am very excited!!
More proof that I am a huge nerd...
Last Undergrad semester schedule!!

For a more complete explaination...
I am taking:

* ENES220 - Mechanics of Materials; (3 credits)
Stress and deformation of solids-rods, beams, shafts, columns, tanks, and other structural, machine and vehicle members. Topics include stress transformation using Mohr's circle; shear and moment diagrams; derivation of elastic curves; and Euler's buckling formula. Design problems related to this material are given in lab.

I should have taken this class a long time ago, but I didn't. So I was supposed to test out of it this semester, but that didn't guarentee an A and it was way too good of a chance to boast my GPA. So this class is what I take to pad my grade. I'm a sad little nerd when this is what I take for an easy class. HA. But I need it to graduate.

* ENME472 - Integrated Product and Process Development; (3 credits)
Integration of product development with the development process. Design strategies. Product architecture. Design for manufacturing. Selection of materials. Design for assembly. Basically, all that means is SENIOR PROJECT. This class is supposed to be a ton of work. But this is the class I have been looking forward to the ost because you get to design your own project and actually make it and market it. How sweet is that?!?

* ENME695 - Failure Mechanisms and Reliability; (3 credits)
This course will present classical reliability concepts and definitions based on statistical analysis of observed failure distributions. Techniques to improve reliability, based on the study of root-cause failure mechanisms, will be presented; based on knowledge of the life-cycle loadprofile, product architecture and material properties. Techniques toprev ent operational failures through robust design and manufacturing practices will be discussed. Students will gain the fundamentals and skills in the field of reliability as it directly pertains to the designand the manufacture of electrical, mechanical, andelectomechanical products.

Ummm, I don't really know how to explain all that. Think computer chips, then think about the plastic casing around them and then boards they sit on... yeah, this class is about how those type of things fail. It is a grad class. It should be fun.

* ENME808X - Advanced Topics in Mechanical Engineering: Engineering Decision Making; (3 credits)
I don't have a clue what this is about... I am thinking about swapping it out for:
ENME808Z Advanced Topics in Mechanical Engineering: Design in Electronic Product Development; (3 credits) it is just so much paperwork!!

Monday, November 19, 2007

New things on the links:

* Hucks Army (join) - haha
* I brought Krissy up to her own spot because she is posting again and has been for a while, I just keep forgetting to more her up. So she is now at the spot for Robins.
* I finally updated Hannah and Rachel Townsends new blogs. Check them out under links.
* I added Carolyn Webster.

If you all want anything else, let me know. I might try to get some last names up there so it is a little less confusing. But who knows... not before finals. Also, maybe a new design, maybe, if I find time.
Happy Birthday to my dear sister, Sarah!!

I love you!!!!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

So my car was about five minutes from being towed tonight. Yeah, I sort of forgot there was a basketball game and I needed to more my car 3 hours before the game. I remembered at 5pm (the game was at 8). I was on the phone with Dad when I remembered. So I ran out to my car, got there are 5:15 and saw three tow trucks towing away cars in the lot next to mine. Pheww. It is a 75 dollar parking ticket and an 80 dollar towing fee if they have to tow you before a game. Plus, who knows where in the world your car gets towed to.

So then I had to drive it to another parking lot because I had a meeting a 6:30 (I guess that should say have a meeting). And so I started out at 5 from the Kim builing (where I was supposed to be at 6:30 for my meeting) and Dad was in Milford, DE. I walked out to my car and moved it maybe three tenths of a mile... maybe... in the same amount of time it took for my Dad to drive from Milford to Salisbury. Seriously. That is how bad traffic is on campus and why I walk everywhere.

So praise God that they started with the other parking lots and not mine when they started towing cars!!! Woohoo. It would have been a mess to try to get that all sorted out in the rain. Blah. Praise God for watching out for me. More proof that I don't have everything under control and I am in serious need of him. heh.
Go to the seven minute mark of this movie and hear Mike Huckabee quote Martin Luther!! He says, "And in the words of Martin Luther, ' here I stand, I can do no other' and I will not take that back!" w00t.

Mike Huckabee: "For the past ten months or eleven months people have been writing my political obituary. But what they fail to understand is that the American people are looking for a president, not a fund-raiser for the United Way."

Brit Hume: In other words, says Mike Huckabee, "Look out Mitt Romney. You may have more money, but I'm coming after you in the polls," and the polls are supporting that.

See the black line? That is Mike Huckabee in the poles since July. He's taken off with practically no TV ads or no financial support. Check out what he believes at his website!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Second Midterms are OVER for this semester!!!!

Now I just have three projects and five finals and I am through!

Exciting... eh?

Now I am going to go be a hobo and take a nap in my car.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Today marks a huge day in my undergraduate career. It is something I have never done before in all nine other semesters of my schooling. Today I will not be turning in homework for the first time ever in my life! *gasp* Yes, but before you all go into fits and think the world is ending, let me explain. In the class that I am skipping turning in homework, I get to drop one homework, and since I already have 20/20 or 19/20s on all the homeworks and since I had one exam yesterday and two tomorrow and since I had a lab report due today, I thought the time would be better spent on studying. So celebrate with me the freedom of not having to turn in a homework set. WOOHOO! This is very exciting. I've gotta get back to studying for my exams. Right now I am waiting for my professor to show up so we can go through some questions I have about the exam. He said he would be in at 8. So I have been sitting outside his door since 7:50. heh. I can't wait to be able to sleep this weekend. In other news, I don't feel as sick today as I have in a few days. Maybe I am getting better. We'll have to see.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

I heart Huckabee!
Do you??

He's up into third place this week!!
He has come from zero support to now 13% of voters!!

Monday, November 05, 2007

And since Jared was the only one to take a picture of me while I was home... this is in memory of home (see my kitchen in the background). Woohoo! This is after finishing off yet another delicious cream puff made by Mom. Thanks Dad for picking me up and to Mom for making me so many good foods!! And to Uncle Bill and Aunt Suzanne for saving my life. :D

This was in my shower this morning.
It looked even scarier without my glasses on.
I didn't care how cold the tiles were outside the tub after seeing this.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

I am home for the first time in over 30 days (I think 35 is the official number).
It is good to be home.