Monday, October 08, 2007

Today I'll introduce to you to professors...
I'll rate the classes next to them from 1 to 10. 10 being the best.
I'm taking three 400 levels and 2 300 level classes. woohoo. I'm almost finished!!

My HVAC professor...
I thought this class was going to be awesome. I was mistaken. It is the longest hour and fifteen minutes of my day. And I haven't learned anything yet. He uses powerpoints and a computer program to show us formulas. BLEH. I hate powerpoint. I can't learn with powerpoint.

My Circuit packaging class.
This class is a graduate level class. We are taking apart a wireless mouse for our project. Other people are taking apart the wii controller and an IPOD. We had our midterm one in this class today. It was nothing like I expected or studied for. I thought I was pretty well set. He tests differently than his homework. Live and learn. I put the black and white photo up and then realized that you couldn't see his red hair. So then I put the first on up. This professor says okay at least 100 times each lecture. No joke. But he is really nice and extremely friendly. I think I'll have him again next year, if I take the second part of this class.

My Controls Class (Vibrations 2)
8, maybe a 9 - it is my favorite class this year. It was the one I was least looking forward to because I HATED vibrations 1 and everyone said this professor was hard. But I like him. He is the one that says bloody during the lectures. heh. We also took this midterm today, it didn't seem too hard, but we'll see when I receive it back. I posted the second picture because I thought it was funny to see my professor not in dress clothes. I guess he climbed a mountain in Peru or something. Oh and he writes on the board! HOORAY! Love chalkboards!!!

Heat Transfer
6.5, maybe 7
I really liked my TA (the one from Alabama, but he had a constuction acciedent and had six hour surgury on his back and I doubt he will be coming back to be my TA anytime soon; so the class has lost a little of its charm and ease). The professor is very intelligent. He told us today to questions everything he says and never take anything he says for granted. The class isn't bad; it is certainly much better than fluids (the part one of this class)!! And the professor is so much better! He writes on the board! GLORIOUS DAY! I love when professors write on the board. I cannot express to you how much I hate powerpoints because I can't take notes and they go to fast. My brain needs notes to be able to function. I need that head to hand connection.

It is interesting to learn how materials get put together. I really like my professor. She is very interesting, but she uses powerpoint and I can't take notes. But she makes the class a lot of fun. I just am not to hot on memorizing all the stuff from chemisty all over again. Other than that, I enjoy the class. It isn't too much work. I couldn't find her picture.

Oh and this is a picture of a bruise that strangely appreared on my hand for an hour or so on my first day of class. Weird, eh? It then disappeared and I haven't seen it since.


Anna said...

I get blisters on my hands from writing too many notes. But, mysterious bruises have yet to appear. Hopefully it's not a genetic thing.

I'm glad you like what you do, Faith. It sounds hard.

I'll stick with mr. butterly and his extra credit points. (:

Sue said...

Is is midterms already? Where is time going? I know it doesn't feel like it in the midst of it, but looking back, wow. sigh

kibbe said...

I must have been a pathetic note taker in school (which would explain a lot) because I never even came close to blisters or bruises. Gosh Faith, from the sound of your classes, I now consider you a genius! I'm helping Jedd with 6th grade math and I just had to order the answer key...

riverrat said...

How does your all-time Professor Mom rate?!

faith said...

I haven't talked to professor mom this semester yet. I have been doing all my own writing. heh. I am just too ashamed to show her any of my awful papers that I have written. They are so full of mistakes. I talk to professor Dad all the time about circuits. He gets a 9.5. He loses half a point for not being closer distance wise. It is rather hard to get my point accross sometimes, but thanks to pix messaging, we seem to be doing better. heh.