Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Next time life gets you down, here are two things to raise your spirits.

1) Wear bright colors. Get a bunch of friends together and wear crazy outfits. Then go somewhere public. More pictures coming soon.

2) When it rains in the summer, go puddle jumping! Man, this has to be one of my favorite things ever!! I'd take pictures, but I look like a drown rat. heh. Try it sometime. Summer rain smells SO GOOD!!!

Andrew Zhao!!! One of my favorite people!! Isn't he adorable?!? If I were younger I would have a crush on him, seriously. He's such a sweetheart. And he is hilarious. I love Andrew! He came up with this idea to de-stress from midterms and to surprise Chris and test his preaching abilities when all of us are dressed like crazy people. Andrew told me to wear bright colors...

Michelle, Hannah, Andrew, and me.
Michelle is the other senior, this year (there are only three of us, I don't know if I got in any pictures with Brian, I'll try to get one of him up here one of these days. Michelle makes me laugh and brings me cream of crab soup as surpirses. She is another one of my favorites!!! We send each other random and crazy text messages throughout the day whenever we need a good laugh. She was my small group leader last year. This year a couple of us are co-teaching it. We are doing Romans!

And two more of my original small group girls. The only person I didn't get a picture with was Rebecca. Then I would have all my original small group girls. Julia has the curly hair. She feeds me meals and we tell everyone that June birthdays and dark curls are the best!! Tara is in the back. She is one of the sweetest people that you will ever meet.

I'll have to tell you stories some other time. But I have to go do homework now and then get to bed so I can have breakfast with Andrew, Brian, Michelle, Julia, and Tara tomorrow morning!!


linnea said...

this post makes me so happy!! you look adorable in the bright colors, and pig tails. . .SERIOUSLY, wear your hair like that more often . .. soooo cute. anyways.

i'm glad you are happy! and your RUF seems just like InterVarsity

faith said...

Lin lin!! Recognize the blue cami? You gave it to me when you were trying to clean out your closet. It would figure that the only bright clothes I have come from you. I wore my PJ pants that I made with your mother. heh.

Jeanne said...

The no make-up streak has been ended!!!!

kibbe said...

The picture of Michelle looks like Hayley Taylor doesn't it?

linnea said...

yea jeanne! i was going to comment on that too . . .but i decided not too!!

so faith is that actually make up you have on your face!?! have you ended the 27 year no make up streak?? (or something like that)


faith said...

Maybe that is only costume paint... hahaha.

Yeah, it is so weird to wear makeup again. It feels so strange. I do it just like last night all the time!! Isn't it attractive?!?

Anna said...

Mmmm. Blue really does wonders for you. Heh.