Monday, October 29, 2007

Mom, you should be proud of me. I just got blood taken and I didn't freak out. They took blood to see if it was mono, otherwise she said it is probably a cold. I'm so tired though. It is weird. I slept from 9:20 last night to 7:20 this morning. Yes, that is ten hours of sleep. Anyhow, I can't wait to come home this weekend and rest up a bit.

In other news, my parents, Hope, and Jared came up to visit me on Saturday. We went to lunch at Chipotle (my favorite mexican resturant up here) and went to DC and hiked the Billy Goat Trail on the C and O canal. It was awesome! I had a blast. I am so glad they came. I hadn't seen Hope or Jared in over 30 days. It was a really nice day.

Back to studying. Midterms on Thursday and next Monday.


Sue said...

I hope you don't have mono, but that was one of my ideas with the weird tongue thing. Oh, great, I ate and drank after you. Oh well. I am proud of you for getting the blood drawn, but then again, I am proud of you for a lot of things. :>) It was great seeing you and will look forward to this weekend. When will you know the results? Keep us posted. no pun intended

Dasha said...

WELL DONE! I faint every time my blood is taken. Not painful or anything, I don't feel sick... just become very weak and loose concious. Weird, huh? I guess I'm rather greedy when it comes to my blood. Hope you feel better now.

kibbe said...

I love Dasha's comment about being greedy with her blood:)
Emma had mono this summer. At least it was during vacation when she had no obligations...wishing the best for you and the results.

ukrainiac said...

(And we can be thankful that Christ was NOT greedy with HIS blood...)