Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Dear World,

This is just a friendly reminder to be thankful for your air conditioners because it sure is hot outside (and inside depending on where you live). heh. We broke a record in College Park yesterday for the warmest it had ever been on that day (it was 94 degrees outside!!). Also, be thankful for the people you live with, if you live with people, because they are a joy. I find life is a little bit boring all by myself. I sure like the Grandi- Howards! Not only do they cook me good healthy food, they also teach me a lot of interesting stuff! Woohoo.



kibbe said...

thanks for the friendly reminder Failth. People are indeed a joy~and the howards are rather special:)

ukrainiac said...

Something tells me that we are yet to get hit by more hot weather. It's been so pleasant lately...nice days, cooler evenings. I hate to think that we're going to get HOT again!