Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Well, as you can see from my lack of blogging, I've been rather busy. I went home last weekend to be with my family during my Grandmother's death. I spent most of Friday and Saturday doing homework. It was great to be in my own church on Sunday. I would suggest that you all go to Mr. Nyce's Emotions class. It was very interesting. You know it has to be good because after taking sociology with Mr. Nyce during freshman year, I told everyone that I refused to take another class with him ever again. heh.

Sunday I tore myself away from my house, drove back to Silver Spring and did more homework and labs and went to bed. Monday was school. Classes are interesting. I may talk about them later; I just don't have any time right now. I like learning. Let's just say that. I enjoy having the chance to learn about how God's world works. It is neat to see how it is put together. You really start to understand how amazing God is when you see how each and every piece of the world works together. It is so complex. It is incredible to learn about. Everything is so detailed and exact.

Monday night was small group. Last year small group was nice to have a group of girls to talk to, but I wasn't really part of the group because I was the new kid. Now there are insides jokes and it is just a much deeper level than last year. I like it a lot better. After study we sat around and talked for an hour. We are doing Romans this year!! I love Romans! I'm very excited about that. :D It was nice to sit around and laugh with people that listen to you and care about your life. It is nice to connect.

After small group we went down to walk out to our car and as we opened the dorm door (where we were meeting for small group) it started to pour! It was crazy. It was that wonderful warm summer rain. We had to walk to our cars and we figured we were going to get wet anyhow (our cars were so far away), so we ran around in the ran, barefoot, splashing in puddles, and looking like crazy people. I love the feeling of warm rain on my skin. I love getting soaked in a good shower. It is just one of those great things about life that I really enjoy. It is great to get wet and it is even better to change into dry clothes when you get home. Ah! I love warm summer rain! It made me smile. It made life more happy, being able to enjoy something as simple as rain.

Tuesday I went to classes and did homework and rushed around all day from class to lab to office hour to homework help session. It was pretty crazy. Then I went to the grocery store to buy snack food for school and dinner. You'll probably get a kick out of my dinner, like the lady in Giant did. I ordered three slices of ham lunch meat a a slice of cheese because I didn't have anywhere to store the extra. I was only buying nonperishable items. heh. The lady behind the counter thought that was amusing.

Then I went back to school for a great concert! I wish I had known that it would be so awesome or I would have told you all about it. I didn't really remember until someone called me and asked me if I was coming. ha. It was this guy called Matthew Smith (no not the one that I worked for this summer). He is part of the igrace movement (indelible grace - They take old hymns and put them to new tunes and then tour around and sing them to different places. They are really neat. Yes, I love old hymns and I love the old tunes, but I really like some of these new tunes too. Some of them sound sort of funky and weird and sort of the same after a while, but that isn't what I love about them. I love that I get to learn the words to all these new hymns that I have never had the chance to learn before. I have a few new favorites! Now I want to go hear how the old ones sound. It is just a neat ministry. I think it a wonderful awesome great idea! I love the fact that they are making kids interested in hymns again. I think it is cool. I love igrace stuff.

So that was last night. It was a very worshipful concert (I mean, it is all hymns...heh). And I got to see all my RUFers and fellowship with them. Tonight I am having dinner with one of them and we have large group RUF and then tomorrow night is the West Virginia vs. MD football game on ESPN (well, we are watching it in person here on campus - you can watch it on ESPN if you want - haha). And Friday I am trying to get a trip to DC together and then on Saturday a bunch of us are playing Frisbee golf. And whenever I have time I will squeeze in homework, lab reports, studio pre labs, and studying for my tests next week.

Oh and a final note... If any of you want to come stay at the house during the next two weeks, I am taking registration now. heh. First come first serve to stay in the house with no air conditioning while I go to school and keep me company in the evening while I do schoolwork. I might even fed you. Ha.

Oh and really this is the last thing, I am dedicating this hymn to Sarah Meadows. I call it the Sarah Meadows song. I heard it and I had to buy this cd from Matthew Smith for this song. There are a lot of other good hymns on the cd, but I would have just bought it for this hymn. So this is dedicated to Sarah, who is taking a leap of faith and moving almost the entire country away because she trusts God. I miss you beautiful woman and I can't wait to see you again at Christmas time. I'm praying that God will show you clearly his perfect will and until then that he will give you a wonderful peace as you continue! Salisbury misses you. :)

I do not ask to see the way
My feet will have to tread;
But only that my soul may feed
Upon the living Bread.
’Tis better far that I should walk
By faith close to His side;
I may not know the way I go,
But oh, I know my Guide.


His love can never fail,
His love can never fail,
My soul is satisfied to know
His love can never fail.

And if my feet would go astray,
They cannot, for I know
That Jesus guides my falt’ring steps,
As joyfully I go.
And tho’ I may not see His face,
My faith is strong and clear,
That in each hour of sore distress
My Savior will be near.


I will not fear, tho’ darkness come
Abroad o’er all the land,
If I may only feel the touch
Of His own loving hand.
And tho’ I tremble when I think
How weak I am, and frail,
My soul is satisfied to know
His love can never fail.



Sue said...

Ok--two memories: one night on SU campus when I was there, it had poured like crazy, and 2 of us girls who had skirts on went running and splashing in our barefeet all around the quad between dorms and it was so free and fun...#2 your deli experience reminds me of Dad and me away and that is what we do for lunch, just enough cheese and meat slices to eat and go--I had never done that before our very first trip away together after we were married...hmmm such nice memories. Thanks for touching them off. About the next 2 weeks, I could come up Monday night and Tuesday night but have to be back Tuesday night (could be late) because Luke drives Wed. morning. Or I could come up Wed. night and back late Thursday night (he drives Friday am.) Then there are weekend possibilities and the following week's possibilities--let's talk on the phone...Love you! Oh, and we made reservations for Thursday and Friday nites, 10/11 and 10/12, for Steph's wedding if you need a place to lay your head. Sarah and maybe Anna are going.

riverrat said...

Rain-we've had so little that when it comes it is like GOLD! I left Target the other day and it had rained, but stopped, while I was in the store. When I was pushing my cart and not paying attention, I stepped into a rain puddle with my flip-flops. Normally this would irritate me but the WARM WET foot-covering puddle felt so good, magnified because of the lack of rain!

Luke said...

wow long post. hey check out my blog its new! and great!