Thursday, September 06, 2007

I LOVE my materials class! It is just really intersting to learn the structure of element and why they are stronger or weaker and what their density is and all sorts of interesting facts. The hour and a half class flies by. I love classes like that. I am almost disappointed to leave every day. I want to sit there and learn more. Anyhow, I did learn a random fact today during the class which I thought you all might appreciate... It is about Fiestaware.

We were talking about metals and uranium came up and my teacher started telling us how she tested a fiestaware plate one time and it had more radioactive material in it than any of the other lab materials that she was testing. I was like, "what!" So, I looked it up; it is true. They used to color the orange and red with uranium because of its vivid coloring. How wild is that?!? So although you might want to collect older fiestaware bowls, plates, and cups... it might be better for your health if you stick with the newest lines of products. heh.
1936 – 1943 Fiesta red was produced using natural uranium
1959 – 1969 Fiesta red Fiesta Ware was produced using depleted uranium
1969 - 1973 Fiesta red Fiesta Ironstone was produced using depleted uranium
Link to article about it.

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riverrat said...

Very interesting. I have pieces that were made by Riviera and another company that rivaled Fiesta way back when. I love the different shapes of these pieces and I love to use them BUT there always is that question of "can you microwave them"(more worried about the plate shattering than my health) and "can we safely eat off them".