Thursday, September 20, 2007

I finally got a planner today. I have never used one before because I could normally remember all the things I had to do. Then this semester hit. I thought I was busy, but it wasn't until I wrote down next weeks schedule that I realized how busy I am. Okay here is a glance at my work load next week... Oh and let me mention that three of my professors like to give pop quizzes, so those haven't been mentioned. I had three of those last week.

Packaging Homework (7 problems)

Heat Transfer Homework (6 problems)
* these problems usually take about 1-2 hours a problem

Heat Transfer Pre-Lab (6 questions/problems)
* This took me about three hours last time.

Controls Homework (6 problems)
* Last homework took me at least two hours a problem. I turned in 12 (8-1\2 x 11) pages of material for only four problems. I haven't looked at this weeks...

HVAC Project (4 different parts and a report)
* I have put in about twelve hours into this project so far and I'll spend a lot of time this weekend writing the report.

Heat Transfer Lab Report
* I spent about three hours on my last one. We work in groups! Hooray for groups.

Studio write up for Controls (three problems on the computer)
* These problems take about two hours to do a problem. Then I have to write about them and put them into a report format.

Materials Homework (6 problems)
* These problems only take about an hour to do a problem. Yay, easy stuff.

So that is next week. I have included my class schedule at the bottom so you all can see that too (actually it is really for my Dad and Jared and anyone else who is asking for it - Here is the link to the full size one on my flickr). I am only blogging now because I just finished classes for the week and I feel like I have free time (haha). I should go start homework. I better start checking things off that list up there.

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riverrat said...

Don't forget to put "fun" days into your planner(and my birthday:-)