Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Here are a few random photos from the past couple weeks...

This is me two Sunday's ago with my flowers! Aren't they pretty? I tell people I found them while I was cleaning out my car... heh.

This is from waiting to get my license updated. When I got there the sign read B97. So I was like, sure I will wait. There were five desks open. So I was like twenty numbers divided my five desks, that makes four people per desk, I know each person can't take more than five minutes. Well, an hour and a half later I wondered what in the world was going on at the desks when you went up there. Finally it was my turn and I only took three minutes (yes, I timed it). I don't know what was going on with everyone else, but I sat down, took my picture, signed my name, answered a few questions, and walked out of the door a happy person (happy to finally be leaving).

This is the windows of my RUF leader's parent's beachhouse that a bunch of my RUF friends and I stayed in two weekends ago. All of the windows had colored glass in them. I love colored glass, almost as much as frosted glass. But if you look hard you can see the water out the window. It was beautiful each day looking out the windows and spending time outside. We went boating in the bay and swimming in the Ocean. We sat around and sang hymns and read the bible and discussed God's wonderful grace. We walked the boardwalk and I bought Dad carmel popcorn (it's tradition) and I had cream of crab soup at Phillips (YUM). If I liked the beach, it would have been a perfect weekend, but I don't really like the beack, so it was just good. haha. It was nice and relaxing.
And this is a shot of from my seat in the back of the van when we went white water rafting about a month ago. It was really tight in there. There were four of us on the back bench seat.

Emily and John were in the back with me and Anna (but you can't see her).


KristenAnne said...

i love the pictures! and I still remember waiting forever to get my license updated realizing right before my number was to be called that I had forgotten my current license at home...thankfully i knew the guy at the desk I was called to from Rock and Roll Revival hahah That would have stunk to go all the way home and then back and start all over with the waiting process

riverrat said...

The MVA is an interesting place to people watch. You can tell the newbies who are there nervously waiting for their driver's test;you see the moms anxiously looking for a smile(or frown) from there kiddie who had just taken the permit test;the foreign contigent is always interesting-I wonder what they think of wading through the hours and papers of out bueracracy:-);If you watch in the left-hand corner, you see those who have had major road offenses trying to get their license cleaned up; If you look closely, you'll see that most folks, like Faith, are mathmatically trying to figure out if there are 25 people ahead of them, will they get home in time to make dinner!

ukrainiac said...

May I say that at least at the MVA most of the time you can get a seat. HERE, we wait forever but have to stand while trying to figure out the bureaucracy!! (We often compare the MVA to places here...immediate understanding of waiting and waiting and waiting.)
Glad you got it all done! (Reminds me to check online for how to renew my license from afar!)