Wednesday, August 08, 2007

It is a very odd sensation to have the tips of your fingers feeling buised and sore. I didn't realize how sore they were until I started typing up a field report today at work. I never realized that playing the guitar would take so much bodily pain. haha. Other than that, I love my new hobby. It is just strange to me how odd it is to have the tips of your fingers be sore. My songs are actually starting to sound like songs and not just strummed chords(to me at least). I love playing the songs that I have heard for so long. It is fun to sing along with an instument. :D

Will I keep it up?
You can make your bets now.

Note to self: I still need to buy a real case so I can tote it around. Time is running out before I leave for school. I should work on that.

P.S. It is really cold at work today. I should have brought a jacket.

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Jared said...

I bet you'll keep it up for longer than I did. Ha.