Friday, August 10, 2007

I thought my cat and I would get old together and I would come back home someday and she would be dead. But as of Monday I have to have my cat killed because my brothers cat killed a bat and when my Mom took it to get tested the tests were inconclusive. So my wonderful cat, which I have had since I was 8 (September of 1994), my beautiful calico, one of a kind, comes when you are crying and tries to cheer you up, has to die. How tragic is that? She has done nothing wrong. I think I will go cry again now. I really can't believe this.

Goodbye my best furry friend.

Pets sure are a blessing from God. They cheer you up when you are sad. Marble had this funny way of whenever people would be crying, she would go stick her face in their face and just start purring. And she would stay there until you stopped. She'd let you hug her or pet her or do anything when she knew you were sad. It was sort of strange because most people know her as a very stuck-up cat and she normally is. But there is something about crying people that she always went to comfort. At least I can still look back and remember how great she was. I feel really silly getting this upset over my cat. I mean, it is just an animal. But she's been such a part of my life for so long now. I don't know it is weird. I think it is the shock of it all that bothers me.


riverrat said...

I can't leave a sensible comment-I'm really sorry-we LOVE Marble and Tiger.

KristenAnne said...

aww im so sorry faith. i remember when furball was put to sleep 2 days after my birthday freshman year...very sad. I'll be praying for you!