Friday, July 06, 2007

Anna, Barnes and Nobles, Starbucks, Carmel Fraps, Cheese Cake, Johnny Cash, Walk the Line, Watermelon = Thursday night fun.

Anna, Cambridge, Annie and Emma, Jed, Mrs. Huntington's shop, cute downtown cafe - Cambride Grille, drinking the entire bottle of ketchup (hentz of course), lavender soap, puzzles, ice cream, old typewriters, alley ways, libraries, banks, new purse making material, smoothies, photos, abandonded buildings, old apartments and dance floors, pizza, walking around small towns, Princess Bride on the big screen, glow braclets, Mary Jane crocs = All day Friday fun!!

See more on Anna and Annie's flickrs.

My two favorite photographers!

Anna, thanks for cheering me up and taking me on your adventures! I love you dearly. You make me smile. I really appreciate you inviting me along today. I love a good adventure!


sarah said...

looks like you guys had a lovely time. the pitures were amazing, as usual.

i miss you guys. and i've only been away a few days.

oh, and thanks for the upgrade. i got changed from "Meadows" to "Lovely Meadows". very sweet. ;-)

faith said...

heh. Yes, I had a few free moments at work and decided to update my blogroll a bit. I still want to make some more changes, but I used my time for other things. Blogs are for avoiding schoolwork and since I don't haven't schoolwork, it isn't the first thing I think about each day. :D

Miss you too. When do you come back?