Monday, June 11, 2007

Brian Regan
is going to be on Comedy Central
on Tuesday at 10pm.

Come watch it at my house.
Arrive anytime after eight.
Bring your own snacks.

Luke watched it last night and he said he was hilarious. He says that it might not be quite as funny as the last one. But I am looking forward to watching it tomorrow night.


wifey singer said...


faith said...

Yep. :) I can't wait. I am losing good sleep hours over this; so it better be good.

Anna P said...

And the verdict?

ukrainiac said...

I'm with Anna...was it worth staying up??

faith said...

Yep. I can't wait for the dvd to come out.

Mackenzee said...

Yes!!! It was definitely worth "staying up" :D

Thanks for hosting it, Faith, and thanks for picking me up. ;)