Friday, May 11, 2007

Well, it is 2:28am and I just finished the two take home exams. I got kicked out of the library tonight because I was there so late. They close the place up at midnight. So I had to move to the engineering computer lab. I have never gotten kicked out of a library before. heh. I forgot to move my car to a closer parking lot and so I had to walk out to my car (don't worry Mom, my Iranian and American Indian friend walked me out to the parking lot).

Oh, and right now I am starting the last two pages of my fluids project. I shouldn't be writing this, but when we got to our group meeting today, not only did I find out that the conclusion wasn't written, but also the lab report isn't written as well! Talk about being mad. I am completely upset. I can't wait to fill out the group evaluation forms and rant about how little work my group members did. An improvement though, my youth pastor group mate is doing his work and he actually does it when I ask. I am very happy about that. So I told him that I would finish the project report if he would write the lab report. We spend about four hours this afternoon JUST sorting out the mess that was made with both reports. We had to cut out all this stuff that doesn't even make sense. It was ridiculous that we are having to do this the night before both reports are due! It isn't like these group members had hard things to do, but by doing them incorrectly, they have made a huge mess! It is extremely frustrating, but tonight is the last night that I will have to stay up and do their work for them. I promise to never be in a group with them again!!!

After we figured got some of the mess sorted out (from 2-6:30), I headed off to the engineering library to start doing our take home tests and write my part of the report. Let's just say that it took so long that they kicked us out of the library and we had to move to the engineering computer labs (because they are open 24/7). By this time I was starving because I never had dinner because I didn't think it was going to take this long to do everything. Man. It is too late to eat now. I'll just eat a big breakfast tomorrow.

This is the end folks!! I can see it. Only a few more hours until I will be finished with this project forever. HOORAY. I'm going to be completely wiped out this weekend. I may just sleep all day Saturday. Oh wait, I have to finish the Dewalt final report, write a memo for english, do vibration homework, grade 90+ homeworks, and study for those three crazy hard finals this weekend...

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