Monday, May 07, 2007

Welcome to a little bit of my world.
This is why I sometimes really want to go to graduate school here!

NASA Flight Simulator
Really awesome spiral staircase!!
I want one in my house!!
I forgot to get a picture of the human powered sub, but here is the helicopter.
And finally, some really pretty flowers that I found outside today on a sidewalk that no one goes on. Why aren't these out in the open where everyone could enjoy them?!?

Anyhow, enjoy.
I love University of Maryland.
I'm a terp (but a terp that loves tar heel basketball...heh).


linnea said...

good pics, faithy!

Sue said...

I love you, Faith!

++=// said...

Looks great! You look great! Human powered sub? Sounds interesting. Subs make me hungry....