Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Today was interesting. I went to class and then I headed over to talk to the "Transfer Credit Center". dun dun dun. They aren't transferring two of my classes and engineering sent me to talk to this guy. His name was Ray, but so we keep his identity a secret and because I don't feel like looking up his last name, I won't tell you his last name. Well, I walk over to Ray's office (1130 Mitchell building, if you care to know) and I talk to the women in the front of the office (I guess they were secretaries). I told them that engineering sent me to talk to Ray and I had a transcript to show him and he needed to fix something in the computer system so that I could have my class! Well, these lovely women told me that I didn't need to talk to Ray and I needed to go see someone in 1113. I told them that I was sent specifically to talk to Ray and he had told me to come see him. They said, "no no no no! Go see the people in 1113." And I said, "No, no, no, no, I want to see Ray." In the end they won out by making me feel like an idiot who didn't know where I needed to be.

So I headed down the hallway to 1113 and asked them for help. The woman that I needed to talk to was busy so I sat around for a while. She then came out and took me back to her office and I explained the situation and I handed over my last sealed official transcript. I need to order some more. I don't know why, but everyone seems to want a copy of this transcript because of the way this one thing is listed on there. I have been to see five different people already and they all wanted copies, official unopened copies. Not that it has helped at all, once they see it they tell me, "Oh we see how that is worded weird and we see how we missed that. We'll check into it and get back to you." They never do. I end up going to talk to someone else about something else. It is getting annoying. Anyhow, so she opened my transcript (which has been sent to her department four times now and no one has ever seen this change and corrected - I guess they just throw them away when they get them because in the system they have marked down that they have received them all, but the last copy that they keep on record is one that doesn't even have last spring semester on it. Yeah). I pointed out the change to yet another person and she says, "Oh, I see how that is listed and that you should have credit for this course, but because of the way that it is put on the top of your transcript instead of at the bottom, I'm not sure what we can do about this."

Let me stop here... I am not sure what we can do about this, hmmmmm... Maybe give me credit for the course!!! Anyhow, let's let her continue..."The person you really need to talk to is down the hall in room 1130. His name is Ray." UH, yeah. So obviously no one know what they are talking about. And I am starting to go in circles. But she said that she would call him and get back to me tomorrow and then she gave me her card and told me that if I didn't hear from her, I could call her and bug her. I would prefer to stop by and bug her, but either way. As long as I have an open invitation to check into this matter, I'm good. It is just a ridiculous bother for me to have to get all this stuff fixed. I can't wait until my transcript looks like it is supposed to look and I have credit for all my classes.

This isn't as bad as yesterday when I went to the engineering credit center and the secretary (which is a student employee) decides to harass me for twenty minutes asking all sorts of stupid questions until she finally gave me an appointment to see one of the advisers (who sort of know what they are talking about). I was trying to explain to this student (who is also foreign) that one of my courses was inputted into the computer incorrectly and the wrong number was listed before it and so I wasn't getting credit for me. She would look it up and say, we can't give you credit for that, it is PHYS221 and that doesn't transfer and ENME350. I would argue back, "yes, but PHYS311 does and that is what is on my transcript!" And I would point to my transcript and show her and she would point to her computer and show me what the computer said. And I told her that someone entered it wrong and that is why I was there to get it fixed so that I could get credit and she would tell me that I couldn't have credit for it because it wouldn't transfer in as anything. AHHHHHHH! It was very bothersome. I think the other secretary (who was an older woman than this student and looked like she had worked there for a while) noticed that I was getting annoyed and came out of her office to help me. And she told this student employee to give me an appointment with another lady in the office. Thank God! When I talked to the other lady, she saw the problem right away and understood what I was talking about and fixed the numbers in the computer and gave me 4 more credits to my name!! Woohoo. Tomorrow I am hoping to claim back 6 more credits and then I will be awesome! heh. What a mess.

I hate being treated like I don't know what is going on. It is one of the worst feelings in the world, to know that you are completely right and have everyone treating you like you are a fool. I don't like being treated like I am a fool.

In other news, my paper partner is still missing. My professor still doesn't know where he is and he has dropped the class. But since I have already turned in the paper, I really don't care that much. I am curious to what happened to him. Also, all the seniors are getting kicked off campus next semester because there are too many housing requests. So they are all protesting by sleeping in tents out on the mall, in front of the library. This is because freshman orientation is on Friday and they want to make a statement. It is amusing. I would be very annoying if I were them.

Tonight I took Mary down to drop her car off at a Honda dealership in Silver Spring and next door to it was a BMW dealership. I wanted so badly to just wander off and walk around their yard full of cars for a couple hours. But I had to wait in the car and drive Mary back to the house. And while she was filling out the information for her car, I couldn't even see the BMWs because I was parked at the back of the Honda place and they had these tall bushes that I couldn't see over. It was torture. I really want to drive back up there one of these days and look around. Here is the symbol of BMW for you.
How about a little quiz?
1. What does BMW stand for?
2. What does the symbol mean?
3. Why is the symbol blue and white?


ukrainiac said...

Bavarian Motor Works?

wifey singer said...

aren't people working in universities supposed to be fairly intelligent? just wondering about that...

faith said...

The people who teach and universities are fairly intelligent. Actually, they are too intelligent sometimes for us poor students. They think we know everything that they know. heh.

The people that run a public university are silly. It is a govenment institution. It is poorly organized and poorly run. The staff gets too big and they forget who needs to talk to who and that they are there to help the student, not make their lives harder.

Damien said...

white propeller against a blue sky. bmw began as a maker of aircraft engines during world war one.

(okay i googled)

faith said...

And it is the colors of the Bavarian coat of arms. :) Although, it has never been officially confirmed.

I read it in the engineering library this semester in a book on car logos.

kate said...

about the credit thing-this sort of thing happens where it takes incredible perseverance to get things done--I WAS on the phone yesterday for forty five minutes and talked to many people before I finally got an appt for a repairman to come look at my washer and dryer--i

t brings patience in to your character if you dont give up and kick something LSO IN the sixth paragraph or so who was annoyed--seniors or freshman Now I know why Damien was asking me BMW questions kate

nepalfreak said...

I learned that information from Finding Forrester. Good movie, if you ever get a chance to watch it.