Thursday, April 12, 2007

So, I decided to go running again today. But instead of running around the neighborhood (how boring), I decided to run down to the hospital and back (the hospital is one mile away). Well, I got to the hospital and I felt great, so I kept running. It was completely sunny. I ran for another mile and all of the sudden it started to rain. So I decided to turn around and head home. As I ran home it started raining harder and the sky grew dark. It wasn't too bad because the trail I was running on goes through the woods, by the creek. About half a mile from home it started to thunder (Mom is going to love this). So I sprinted the last half a mile to the Howards house and now I am safely inside (you can rest easy Mom). In honor of the rain, I decided to put a Delirious song below (and because I am going to see them in concert (yes, again) tomorrow)!!!! YAY! I get to see my family and Delirious tomorrow. What fun!

Looks like tonight, the sky is heavy
Feels like the winds are gonna change
Beneath my feet, the earth is ready
I know its time for heaven's rain
It's gonna rain

Cos it's living water we desire
To flood our hearts with holy fire

Rain down all around the world we're singing
Rain down can you here the earth is singing
Rain down my heart is dry but still I'm singing
Rain down rain it down on me.

Back to the start, my heart is heavy
Feels like it's time, to dream again
I see the clouds, and yes I'm ready
To dance upon this barren land
Hope in my hands

Do not shut, Do not shut, Do not shut the heavens
But open up, open up, open up our hearts

Give me strength to cross this water
Keep my heart upon your altar
Give me strength to cross this water
Keep my feet don’t let me falter


Anna said...

Hey Faith.
I put some pictures up for you.

I want to run in the rain.
But, I had to work this morning.
And it stopped raining as soon as we got to work. Wouldn't you know it'd be pretty out while we're working? (:

faith said...

Who is that? I don't like wrestling.

faith said...

Oh and I googled it and I only ran 1.85 miles down and 1.85 miles back. So that is only 3.7 miles. :)

Damien said...

i think you got spammed. if i were you i'd put biby cletus in the blog hopper and give it a good flush.

faith said...